You Are Responsible For Everyone In Your Life

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Why you are responsible for everyone you allow into your life and the consequences of those choices.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a guy who has been following my work for about ten years. He says he has read my book, How To Be A 3% Man, about twenty five times every year and watched almost all of my videos. He talks about the importance of taking personal responsibility for the women in your life, unlike the red pill community, which blames women in an effort to absolve men from any personal responsibility for their own bad choices.

My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.

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Obviously, it’s a pretty good success story. It’s really interesting how he met his girlfriend of five years, and it just goes to show if you focus on yourself, becoming the best version of yourself that you can be, taking care of your body, taking care of the controllables, if you will, like I talk about in my second book, Mastering Yourself, women will notice you, and approach you and put themselves into your orbit in hopes that you notice them, sweep them off their feet and romance them properly. Or, as my English girlfriend would say, “a proper seeing to.”

Viewer’s Email:

Hi Coach,

My name is Bob, just like all of your followers, and today I want to talk about a special Jessica that became my joy.

I have been following you for almost 10 years now. I have read the book countless times. I’ve actually read it 25 times on average every year, and I’ve watched most of your videos. I noticed comments from the toxic red pill community saying bad shit about women, and I want to tell them that it’s you who invite toxic women to your life and good women are still out there.

Well, whatever you give your brain to focus on, it’s going to expand. And if you’re focusing on, and you’re caught up in all of the toxic nonsense in the red pill community, listening to guys like Rollo Tomassi talk about his book “The Rational Male,” which I think is a good book to read, but way too many dudes are getting caught up in that and just basically saying, “Well, all women suck. All modern women suck. Therefore, I’m not going to participate,” or “I’m going to pump and dump,” or all this other kind of nonsense that’s not really doing anything to help men.

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When you blame women and say they’re all toxic, that’s your belief, that’s your reality, and you continue attracting the same kinds of women to further reinforce that belief. There’s lots of guys that have women on their shows that are sex workers, strippers, women with a truckload of problems, and they present these women to the world as if this is what the whole dating pool comprises.

So, guys watch this stuff and they go, “Oh, this is how all women are.” Then they keep meeting and dating those kinds of women and have absolute train wreck types of interactions with them, and then they just point the finger saying, “Hey, it’s not me, it’s all the chicks.” Well, if you keep attracting the same kind of people into your life, whether it’s your friends that are toxic, or the women are toxic, you’re the problem.

Men take personal responsibility. As Jocko Willink says, “extreme ownership for everything in your life.” That’s what men do. We take personal responsibility. Men are here to serve, to make the world their kingdoms the way they want them to be. And that includes banishing fair maidens who don’t belong in your kingdom and who are bringing drama.

I was successful with women in the past, but there was always something missing. Women would like me, find me cute but nothing further. I didn’t understand them… they didn’t feel heard and understood.

I also have allowed several toxic women in my life, and my life became miserable until I got to the stage where I decided to change my life, and that’s when I came across your work. Everything you talked about was right, spot on and it made all sense. With repetition and reading your book, I became successful. Women started noticing me more, and I became more confident and happier as well.

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As I’ve said so many times over the years, even if you think I’m full of shit, if you read what’s in “How To Be A 3% Man” and you follow what it teaches, you will get better results, you’ll see that it works for you. And I let everybody read it for free on my website. You can read a digital version in your web browser, and you can also read “Mastering Yourself,” and now my third book “Quotes, Ruminations & Contemplations,” all in the members area, so you can try before you buy.

Nobody else does that. Why? Because nobody else believes in their work. Truth is self-evident. I put it out there. You get to have everything for free, all of my best information. There’s no courses you have to buy. You don’t even have to buy my books. You can read them for free on the website. All you’ve got to do is put your name and your email in the subscribed box, and you can instantly be reading it and then go out and apply it instantly, the same day, and start seeing good results.

I am 33, and my Jessica is 28 now. I used to be her teacher at college. By the way, I was 28 then, and she was 23. She would do all of these cute things girls do, take pictures of me during class, telling me I was the best teacher, call me sometimes asking me about my lectures, complimenting my looks and personality, etc.

He’s in a position of authority, he’s a leader. He’s fun, he’s charming, he’s playful. He’s well-liked, he’s having a good time. Women notice this. That’s why what you see in the comments from the red pill guys — and I’ve been seeing it and my phone sessions, especially in the last year — it’s like, when guys get involved in that garbage, they become very negative and pessimistic and women start avoiding them like the plague. They give off a nasty vibe. It’s not going to help you. There are no solutions that I can see. It just makes guys bitter. And then they come back to where the truth and the light is, Coach Corey Wayne, and things return to normal.

But since i was her teacher, I always tried to put a space between us. Months went by, but she still liked me in the end, and since she was a fucking hot woman, I just had to take her on a date.

Well, of course.

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Everything went well. Actually, there was nothing for me to do. She was a very feminine woman, would laugh at all of my jokes, agree with everything I said. She was just perfect, and no tests by the way. She made it so easy for me that I just had to sit back, court her and see how things go. She did 90% of calling and texting. Five weeks later, she started saying the L word…

Well, as I talk about in “How To Be A 3% Man,” typically week six, week seven is when that happens. This one, week five, but he’s such a great student. Well, obviously, he’s a 3% man.

…talking about exclusivity and telling me what our kids will look like. That was 5 years ago. Today we have three lovely kids.

That is awesome. Congratulations for you. Congratulations for your girl and your babies.

I want to tell those miserable men, “You are the one who is responsible for all of the drama and toxic people in your life.”

This is true. And if you won’t accept that and you don’t want to accept that, you’re unable to shape and change your destiny, you are powerless as a man. And there’s nothing more unattractive to women than a man who feels powerless to do anything to help himself or participate in his own rescue. The number one thing that women love in men is confidence. And none of these red pill dudes have real confidence. All they are is bitter, butt-hurt fucking babies.

All I wanted to say is thank you for everything, Coach. You are the reason that I am so happy today. I LOVE YOU.


Well, thanks, Bob. I appreciate that. I love people like you that are great students, because now you’ve got three great kids and you’re making the world a better place. So, congratulations on all your success. You deserve it. You earned it.

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I mean, anybody that reads this book twenty-five times a year for several years in a row, that’s why these success stories are all so awesome. I mean, this guy’s a teacher, so he’s gotten to know this stuff so well, he could literally teach it himself. And that’s what’s great, because he can teach it to his kids and influence everybody in his world, because they can see how awesome he is, and his life is, and how awesome his children are.

So, if you’d like to get my help, maybe you’ve got a challenge or or a problem in your personal or your professional life and you’d like my opinion or my coaching, go to, click the Products tab at the top of your screen and book a coaching session with yours truly.

“When you blame others for your bad choices or lack of success, you absolve yourself from any personal responsibility for the people and circumstances in your life. No matter where you are in life, it’s the result of your best thinking. If you are not happy with the results that you are getting, you should change and refine your approach based upon the results of your failures, as well as your successes. If you continue doing what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. Alpha males take action to shape and change their destiny, while beta males complain and blame others.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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