Why You Should Reject The Toxic Red Pill

Why you should reject the toxic red pill, so you can attract good quality women without becoming bitter towards women.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a guy who found my work about five years ago when he was trying to get his ex back. He shares how my work changed his life for the better from being the handsome guy who always got friend zoned, to being successful with women like never before. Then he got involved in the toxic red pill community and saw his success with women plummet as he became bitter towards women and started turning them off.

Frustrated, he came back to my work and rejected the toxic red pill ideology. Women flock to him now, and he says I saved his life. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.

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It’s a really good, interesting success story from a guy, because I’ve talked about this off and on, and I talk about some of these guys. I don’t typically mention names, but in the toxic red pill community, they don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about, to be honest with you. That’s the reality.

The beauty of truth is truth doesn’t need any explanation. It doesn’t have to prove itself. It’s simply self-evident. What I always say to people is, even if you think I’m full of crap, if you apply what I teach, you’ll see that it works for you. You can Google my name, you can go in the Reddit forums. Even when people go and write websites or articles and talk all kinds of crap about me, usually dozens and dozens of people that have followed me and gotten great results will go and reply to those. Go look at the reviews on my books. They speak for themselves.

I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of people that are going to get upset about it, but I don’t fucking care. I’m always going to speak my mind. Like Steve McQueen used to say, “I live for myself and I answer to nobody.” I don’t take shit from anybody. And I’m certainly not going to put up with a bunch of beta males who don’t know what they’re talking about, hating on me, or the girls I have on my channel, or my friends, or my family. And you shouldn’t either.

Viewer’s Email:


I found your work about 5 years ago after a heartbreak, (how most your audience does I’m sure), after I googled “how to get her back.” I watched nearly every video and have listened to your audiobook over 20 times. Although I never did get this girl back, you taught me much more important lessons that helped me attract even better women into my life.

Well, for the guys that are trying to get an ex back, what I always say is you’ll either attract her back or you get somebody better. It’s as simple as that. And like I said, all you’ve got to do is look at the reviews and read the reviews of my books. They speak for themselves.

Growing up, I was always a good looking guy and had women approach me, but I was such a Disney nice guy that I would always get friend zoned and frustrated.

So, this guy is a handsome dude, yet you give off the wrong vibe, like I talk about in “How To Be A 3% Man.” Because I experienced this as well, and I’m just an average looking dude. When I look back on my time in high school, I remember women I was friends with that I knew, I could tell they were into me, but I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I completely fumbled the football on just numerous occasions.

And so, for me personally, I love getting emails from guys that are in high school or college and they didn’t have to go through what I went through. They’re having a great time, they’re having great memories. They’re forming their first girlfriends, or when they lose their virginity, or whatever it happens to be, they’re really having great experiences and great memories. Whereas, I missed out on most of that stuff, to be honest with you. I didn’t have those kinds of great memories. That came later for me.

All through school I would have even the prettiest cheerleaders say they thought I was cute and good looking, but I had no idea how to behave around women because my dad was never really there to teach me, so I would fail horribly and think maybe there was something wrong with me, or maybe that girl just wasn’t the one, or even worse that if I’m her friend long enough she’ll eventually realized I’m perfect for her. (Yeah, I was that guy that used to wait for his shot.)

I tried that, too. That didn’t work.

However, since finding your work at 30 years old, I now have had numerous women from TV anchors to beauty queens enter my life and go crazy over me.

I’m sure that’s just really tough to deal with.

I’m writing to you though because you actually saved me from the red pill, (here comes the hate mail)…

I’m used to it, dude. Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke, as Mick Jagger said.

…and got me back in touch with your teachings. YouTube algorithms introduced me to red pill guys a couple years ago, and while there are some good takeaways from works like “The Rational Male”

Which I think is a good book, and every man should read, me personally.

…over time I found my success with women deteriorate in correlation to my bitterness from the red pill community.

And that’s the problem with it.

I had no issue meeting women, but I found myself getting into more drama and bullshit than before but closing the indoor Olympics less; probably because they could feel my negative energy from that.

That is exactly why. Women are very intuitive. They’re much more connected to their emotions than us guys are, and they can feel your energy. It’s your vibe, it ain’t your looks.

I honestly started to hate the person I had become. In the past months, I have taken a step back from all of that and revisited your teachings to see where I started down this path and where I might have gone wrong. I happily found that you too pointed out in recent videos that the community had grown very toxic. Since readjusting my outlook and being a “Corey Wayne born again student,” I have seen my success with women return, (probably because I got rid of that chip on my shoulder that they could sense).

Absolutely. Your vibe totally changed. Back to one of truth, and kindness. Not being too nice. Kind, but dangerous, dangerous masculinity..

And I am now once again having beauty queens travel from other cities to see me once again, (not an exaggeration, I’ll send pics).

Thank you for turning this once hapless Disney nice guy into a man that my best friends envy. I can honestly say YOU SAVED MY LIFE.

Thank you,

Don’t call me Bob

You’re welcome, Bob. Congratulations. And as far as you saying I saved your life, you did that, dude. You did the work, and you need to give yourself credit for that. All I did was show you the way. Because knowledge, obviously knowledge from a great book like “How To Be A 3% Man,” “Mastering Yourself,” a book on self-reliance, and obviously my latest, “Quotes, Ruminations & Contemplations,” it’s all potential power. It doesn’t help you unless you actually apply it. You must participate in your own rescue.

And if you’re following some of those guys, those toxic red pill guys, they just complain about single moms and how all women are horrible. At the end of the day, if you see assholes everywhere in your life — no matter where you go, you’re running into nothing but assholes — well, guess what? You’re the asshole. And it’s always important to keep your life an asshole free zone. You can get these sweet mugs at Spring.com in the Coach Corey Wayne store as a gentle reminder to yourself and the people around you of how you roll. Like the late, great Steve McQueen said, “I live for myself and I answer to nobody.”

So, with that said, if you’ve got a question, or a challenge, or a problem you’d like my help with, it can be in your personal or your professional life, go to UnderstandingRelationships.com, click the Products tab at the top of your screen and book a coaching session with yours truly.

“Most of the red pill community on the Internet is a collection of wounded men who don’t understand women, haven’t had any success with quality women and guys with serious mommy and self-esteem issues. The hallmark of the toxic red pill community is their judgmental attitude and bitterness towards women that belittles them, infantilizes them and seeks to build wounded insecure men up by tearing women down with dehumanizing and condescending language, words, theories and a cult-like belief in meaningless platitudes. As Zan Perrion says, “A man who loves women is loved by women.” Real Men take extreme ownership of their lives, choices, mistakes, blind spots and poor romantic choices, because they know that is the only way to shape and change their destiny to reach their full potential. A man who blames others for his poor choices, knowledge gaps and blind spots becomes unable to fix himself, his life and become the man he needs to be to attract what he really wants and deserves in life.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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