Toxic Women Who Lack Emotional Self Control In Public

Why you should avoid toxic women who lack emotional self control in public.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email from a viewer who discovered my work 2 years ago. During the lockdowns, his wife became angry and sad at all the restrictions. She started drinking a lot. He’s now in the process of divorcing her for many reasons. The last straw was when she started mouthing off to a couple of lowlifes in public who then threatened to beat him and his wife up.

This email perfectly illustrates the importance of being with a woman who is easygoing and easy to get along with. Not a hothead who lacks emotional self control and picks fights with random guys in public that her man is then forced to defend them both against. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.

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I see so many videos on Twitter of these fights and these brawls going on, and usually it’s families. Sometimes it’s families brawling with each other. The one I saw yesterday, I think it took place on Carnival Cruise Lines, and it’s just a bunch of people in a big giant brawl. And one of the interesting things that you see on Twitter, I remember probably six months ago, there was a video of this woman, who I assume she had been drinking, or maybe not, but she was mouthing off to another man behind her. And he’s a big dude. Then she was getting in this guy’s face, acting all tough. And what ends up happening is she starts a confrontation that her boyfriend or her husband, I don’t know which which he was, but the bottom line is, her man had to intervene.

And so, because he’s with a woman that has no emotional self control, this guy ends up getting clocked by the dude that his wife or his girlfriend was picking a fight with. He hits him, he’s out cold, falls over like a sack of potatoes. And I remember some of the people on Twitter were just commenting like, “Man, imagine being with a woman like that who has no self control.” It’s this tiny little chick getting into it with this big, big, bulky, muscular guy who’s like 6′ 5″, acting like she’s a dude, because she knows she’s got her her boyfriend there. And then he basically comes in to try to separate the two, and the dude just clocks the guy. And so, the fact that he chose poorly at who he got into a relationship with literally could have ended his life. Because we’ve seen plenty of these videos where it’s one punch.

A friend I went to high school with got into a fight in a bar up at Florida State. He was one of those little dudes, cool guy, a lot of fun. But somebody bumped into him or looked at him wrong and he wanted to throw down. He was up at the bar, I think it was like two weeks after the semester had started, and the guy bumps into him. He’s like, “Hey, what are you doing? Watch where you’re going, you just bumped into me!” They start fighting, the bouncers made them go outside. Dude hit my friend, knocked him out cold. He fell back, hit his head on the pavement, never got up again. He was like 18, 19 years old, and it ended his life.

And so, men who are smart, men who know how to be violent and defend themselves, guys that are very dangerous, typically are the nicest guys. The last thing they want to do is get into a fight or a confrontation. Take that coupled with a woman that has no self control, because something similar happened with this guy’s soon to be ex-wife, because she’s got no self control. Getting into a relationship with a woman who has no self control can literally cause her to endanger both of you. I’ve just seen countless videos over the years of that happening — a woman picking a fight at a baseball game or a football game or something, talking trash to some big, bulky guy. And the boyfriend or the husband steps in, and then he ends up getting the crap beat out of him, or worse. And so, you’ve really got to be careful who you end up in a relationship with.

Viewer’s Email:

Hi Coach,

I discovered your work 2 years ago and read the book 3 times. I plan on re-reading it every 2 months from now on. I am going through a divorce. I am French and have been married to an American woman for 8 years. There were great periods and also periods when she was moody. One of the difficulties I met was being able to listen to her emotions — she is hypersensitive, and her emotions are often completely all over the place — without feeling flooded by her emotions.

Well, that’s women. Their emotions are up and down like the weather. It’s constantly in flux. And as a man, you can’t get butt hurt or perturbed or wrapped up in their emotions. You want to be unperturbable.

I got better at that when I discovered your work. Covid made her angry and sad, especially the lockdowns and the periods when outdoors masks were mandatory. She found these restrictions stupid and dreaded the next restrictions.

Well, I can totally sympathize with that. I was not a fan of that at all, and the only time I ever put a mask on was when I actually had to, if I wanted to go shopping. And now, obviously, we have all the data, which we kind of knew at the time, and they’re like, “Yeah, well, it turns out …”

I just saw in New Zealand, Prime Minister Horse Face, the one that has nothing but teeth in her fake, phoney-ass smile, she has finally lifted all restrictions after she brutalized her population, telling them that if they wanted to participate in society, they must get vaccinated. And now she’s just like, “Oh, well. Hey, you know, we don’t want to interfere in people’s individual rights,” and people are like, “What?”

Anyway, I’m not happy about what transpired over the last few years, and I would definitely like to see Nuremberg trials for the elites. They deserve it. They have it coming.

She began drinking 2, 3 glasses of wine per day when she hadn’t drunk any wine for 6 years. I told her, her breath when she’s been drinking is a real turn-off for me and asked her to quit drinking, but she didn’t. She was never drunk though.

Well, I mean, I can understand, especially if you were in Europe, or imagine New Zealand. I had clients, we had phone sessions because like they didn’t want to be forced to be vaccinated. And so, they ended up moving out to the boonie areas, where it’s kind of like hillbilly land, because the rest of them were living their lives like normal. And so, you’ve got a strategic retreat until this stuff finally gets lifted.

And it’s since gotten lifted, and they got to stand up for their principles, but man, it completely uprooted their lives. And I want revenge on the people that caused all of this. You can’t outrun karma. There’s a lot of bad stuff coming down the pipe over everything that’s transpired over the last few years. But I digress.

One event triggered the divorce in November 2021. I was feeling sad because I had lost 2 family members 2 weeks before. She and I went to a restaurant in Paris. Two American rednecks were giving the waiter a hard time — they didn’t want to show their Covid health pass.

I can definitely feel for those dudes. And by the way, one of our governors, Charlie Christ, who used to be a Republican who’s now a Democrat, wants vaccine passports. It’s like, man, these people.

My wife said, “Fuck you!” to them but they didn’t react. Later when they finished their dinner, one of them came to me and said, “Next time, make sure to control your woman.”

Remember what I was talking about earlier, about how the the baseball game where the dude goes to intervene because his girlfriend or wife is just out of control, picking a fight with this big, bulky guy, and then she ends up getting her boyfriend knocked the fuck out. So, I mean, luckily it didn’t escalate into that. And plenty of women are like that. I mean, all you’ve got to do is look at these videos.

Like I said, if you can go to my Twitter @CoachCoreyWayne, it was Carnival Cruise Lines. There’s like a big brawl. There were like 15–20 people in there. I don’t know if they were related, they’re family members, or what’s going on, but it’s like you got the women throwing down, pulling hair, dragging each other around. It’s like, man, Fight Club has gone global. And the number one rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club, but apparently it’s everywhere now. Even Carnival Cruise Lines has a chapter of Fight Club, apparently.

Immediately, my wife responded with an insult, he insulted her back, etc., and even threatened to find us and beat us up.

Isn’t that great? Literally putting both of your lives in danger because she wants to mouth off. That’s just toxic behavior. I wouldn’t want to put up with that. She doesn’t respect you enough to exercise self control. You just don’t want to be in a relationship with somebody like that. Because, if you do that to the wrong person, you road rage the wrong person, they pull out a gun, they pull out a knife, and it’s a bad day for everybody.

During their exchange, I tried to calm things and said “let it go” to my wife. She then became extremely angry at me for not intervening…

Yeah, that’s just stupid.

…not asking her how she was feeling, and was very disrespectful to me the rest of the dinner and on the way back. Personally, I felt angry at her for provoking these lowlife individuals and for not taking into account the fact that I was grieving the death of my aunt and uncle.

Yeah, that’s pretty selfish — no self control, no respect. But the good news is, when you married her, that was your best thinking. Good job.

I just wanted to have a good time with her, not interact with idiots. I felt so disrespected that day!

It’s totally understandable, man.

She then felt completely shocked when I asked for a divorce, saying that marriage was for life, (even if it’s her second marriage). Now I’m seeing other women, successfully applying your work, (thank you!). One in particular has a very high level of attraction, and the moments together are great, but I sometimes miss what I had with my wife on the good days.

Well, yeah. Being with a woman like that literally can end or shorten your life. Can you imagine having kids with somebody like that, and then she causes a scene like that and gets you killed? Now, your kids grow up without a father, all because you made a poor choice in who you chose to get married to. It’s just not worth it.

The divorce should happen in a few weeks now, and I know it’s what needs to happen. But after divorce, I know I’ll be tempted to seduce her all over again: hang out with her, have fun and hook up… not knowing if she’ll feel like it. Any thoughts?

Thank you so much!


It’s like, dude, you’re nuts. You’re absolutely nuts. It’s like, why? I’ve told this story before. I had a guy that used to work for me years ago when I was in real estate, and he had his little, petite, 105 pound, redneck girl. She was cute, she was a lot of fun, but man, when she drank and she was jealous, she was insecure. And I remember, eventually, he kicked her out. He said he was sleeping, he was laying down in bed. They’d been partying that night, and she was yelling at him about something, and he was trying to pass out. She took a beer bottle and chucked it right at him. It missed him, and then it hit the wall behind him and went “woosh!” and broke and splattered all over the place. And then after that, he ended up calling the police and got a restraining order against her.

Actually, the restraining order came after he had kicked her out, because they were living together. And then she came back drunk one night, and he had this solid wood door, and she kicked this fucking door in. I could not believe this little 105 pound girl did that to this guy’s door. So, when the restraining order came up to either get renewed or to be made permanent, he just dropped everything because the sex was good. And then, he was back to having sex with her all over again.

And even for years after that, he would still hook up with her occasionally. I was always like, “Man, you’re a fucking lunatic.” He’s like, “Bro, the sex is great.” It’s like, “Whatever, man. You’re a freak.” It’s like, people are freaks, and this guy, I mean, why would you want to subject yourself to that? Unless she’s just going to come over and sleep with you and leave. But I wouldn’t be spending time with a woman like this in public. She has no self control, and on top of that, she’s drinking excessively, and you don’t know what she’s capable of. What if you’re with one of your other girls and she decides she wants to come over and wreck shop on both of you?

I saw a video over the weekend, another domestic issue, another dude that chose to get into a relationship with a woman that was a lunatic. She was in a dark colored Chrysler minivan or something like that. And so, this particular guy was sleeping with her sister. Obviously, he’s not an innocent child of God. So, his wife or girlfriend finds out that her boyfriend or husband is sleeping with her sister. She gets mad, and she decides she’s going to go run him down.

I think he’s at a Kroger grocery store, or something like that. And as he’s walking in, and he sees her driving, there’s this old guy walking with his walker really slow. And so, in her rage to run her cheating boyfriend or husband over, she ends up hitting him. He mostly kind of gets out of the way, but then she nails this poor old guy, kills him instantly. He goes flying like a sack of potatoes. The car gets wrecked and now she’s charged.

And then, despite the fact she just hit this other innocent man — this poor old guy, kills him, he’s laying over there like a sack of potatoes — she gets out of the car, goes over there and starts pummeling her boyfriend or husband that was sleeping with her sister, because he’s all kinds of mangled and messed up and can’t really defend them. So, I’m just thinking, why get involved with crazy people like that? It’s just not worth it.

Like I said, these are obviously extreme cases. But like I said, when I was reading this email, I could just picture this woman mouthing off. Because I have seen so many videos over the years of women at sporting events, or at restaurants, or whatever, who start mouthing off to a bunch of dudes. And the dudes get in their face, the boyfriend or the husband tries to break it up, and then he gets his ass kicked and knocked out, put in a hospital, because of his mouthy girl.

So, man, you’ve got to think really carefully about what the consequences are if you decide to continue hooking up with somebody, who it seems like she’s got a drinking problem now, and on top of that, she’s got no self control. It literally will put your life in danger. So, come on, man. What are you thinking?

So, if you’ve got a question or a challenge and you’d like to give my help, go to, click the Products tab at the top of your screen and book a coaching session with yours truly.



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