The Woman Who Loves & Is Loved By A 3% Man

The kind of woman who loves and is loved by a 3% Man, why she loves him and can’t keep her hands off of him.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a female viewer who is dating a Man who is an avid student of my work. They have both read my first book, How To Be A 3% Man, and she goes into great detail on what attracted her to him and why she can’t keep her hands off of him, even though she has never been the kind of woman who couldn’t keep her hands off of her man.

They both have kids from previous relationships and their two families have blended together very well. It’s a great success story from a woman’s point of view on why she loves being in love and being loved by a 3% Man. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of her email.

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This particular dude, I’ve corresponded with him through Instagram before, and the guy’s in amazing shape. He’s obviously been a very good student of mine. And what’s cool is she writes in and tells their love story, how they met. When she first met him, she was actually engaged to some other guy, and they just happened to meet in the gym. It’s just great how he interacted with her, and she even talks about his actions and what he did that caused him to remain mysterious.

Eventually, things didn’t work out with her fiance, and then she sought him out on social media. He just did a masterful job of going slightly slower than her, which obviously really drove her attraction for him through the roof. So, I thought it was a great success story. He’s read, I believe, both of my books. The first one, obviously, How To Be A 3% Man and the second one, Mastering Yourself, and his girlfriend has read How To Be A 3% Man once. I just like the fact that she details everything he did, so you kind of get to see from a woman’s perspective how behaving in this way creates attraction, grows it and just drew her to him like a magnet.

And I think I mentioned they’re both parents, they have kids from other relationships, and their family really has mingled together very well. It’s just a beautiful story. She sent a bunch of pictures — which I’m not going to share, but I’ll kind of describe a few of them — and he’s in amazing shape. He’s just shredded and she’s a beautiful woman, great body, in great shape, and their family, they just look like they’re very happy and having a good time. So we’ll go through her email and see how they joined the 3% Club. These mugs are available on Teespring at the Coach Corey Wayne store, by the way, if you’re so inclined.

So let’s go through her success story and she’ll tell us about their beautiful love story and how it all came together. Obviously, he did the work on himself prior to meeting her, so when they encountered each other, he just he did everything right. I’m so proud of him, and I’m so happy for her and their kids because it’s it’s cool. Everybody loves a beautiful success story and a beautiful love story. Well, at least most normal people do.

Viewer’s Email:

Dear Coach Corey,

I am a 29-year old single mother who met a 3% man. I am a frequent gym attendee who transferred to another gym. When I first started at this new gym, a man walked up to me between sets and made a comment about my hard-working nature. I was engaged at the time to another man and made a comment about how I’m trying to get into the best shape for when my fiancé comes home from a year-long incarceration.

So, she obviously likes a little bit of the bad boy.

A hint that he picked up on, he told me to enjoy the rest of my workout, and we both continued on with our routines.

So, keep in mind, she’s engaged. He obviously goes over, he’s a very dedicated guy who takes care of himself and you’ll see later in the email, that’s one of the things that she liked about him. He’s just squared away in handling his business. That’s why he’s just absolutely in amazing shape. And so, remember, like attracts like. People that like the same things, tend to like each other, and he noticed how she was dedicated to taking care of herself. Because that’s kind of a rare thing in this world. So, he saw that, he saw some of himself in her, and complimented her on that. And that was it.

This man who I will call “Bob” would make eye contact with me from time to time as we passed by, but other than that kept to himself, and I started to feel a sense of mystery about him.

Because obviously she’s engaged to somebody else. He complimented her. A 3% man is not going to go after married women or women that are in relationships or women that are engaged, because he’s not interested in being somebody’s sidepiece. And he’s also not interested in trying to rip off a girl from another guy. He wants a woman that’s ready, willing, able and open to seeing him.

Because whatever energy, whatever vibe you put in the world, is what’s going to come back to you. And if you get into lying and cheating and you get involved with other people that are lying and devious and cheating, you’re just going to invite that into your life, and you’ll be the one that gets lied to and cheated on. That’s how karma works. So, he didn’t want any bad karma, obviously, because he’s a smart man and he’s a patient man. He knew that eventually the right girl is going to come along.

He wasn’t always talking to others, he was very alpha in the way he carried himself, as well as one of the hardest workers in the gym, and I although I never did anything about it, I was drawn to him.

So he’s just living his life, working out, taking care of his body. He’s there, not to to socialize and goof around. He’s there to get in, get out, take care of himself, because he’s got shit to take care of in life.

Fast forward about a year, I found him on social media.

So, obviously at some point she became single and she sought him out because he was completely different. Because he was indifferent, he was indifferent to her, he gave a gift, which was his compliment. Like Zan Perrion says, “Beauty needs a witness.” And so, he noticed something that he liked in her and he was a witness to it, and he complimented her on it, and that was it. And when they saw each other they would make intense eye contact, because he’s a man and he looks where he wants and he does what he wants. And look what happened.

His page was very basic, nothing deep or incredibly open on his life, more mystery!

Cheers, Bob.

I sent him a friend request, he accepted it but never requested to follow me back.

He’s used to having fans.

This is something very small and not a big deal, but I still noticed and wondered why.

It’s a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear. Why is he not chasing after me like all the other guys are? Hmmm, something to think about.

Eventually about 4 months later, he added me back. We didn’t talk on there, but one day I responded to a picture he posted of his post gym meal. We chatted online for about 10 minutes, (only about our meals), and then he proceeded to make plans to meet up. He mentioned getting together sometime for a drink, but the world was closed down due to Covid, so I suggested maybe lunch in the park. He said that might work and asked me for my number.

So, the theme that you see here is he’s going slower than she is, and this is what really drives women crazy for you. If you’re moving slower than they are, they get impatient and then they start to pursue more. And this is what most guys in society that don’t know any better get totally wrong.

And when you watch the older movies, like especially one of my favorites, “It’s A Wonderful Life,” from I think it’s 1946, with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, and also “Charade” with Audrey Hepburn and Cary Grant, which I think was 1966, that’s what you notice. The men have their own plans, their own mission, and they’re doing things on their own time. They’re not in a rush. Just like Rumi said, “Slow and steady, like the river that never grows stale. No hurry, no rush.”

I got the message the next morning and sent him my phone number. He responded with his, and we left the conversation at that. Now, I figured he would reach out that day, was hoping to hear from him, but that day went on… nothing. The second and third and fourth day… nothing again.

Hmm, he’s going pretty slow. Another reason why you want to do this is you want to make sure the chick is not insecure and a total lunatic, because an insecure total lunatic would have got butt hurt and said something nasty. And a guy like this has got choice with women, so he’s in no rush. He’s got kids to worry about, and if he’s going to potentially date a woman and bring her into his life and his family, he wants to make sure she’s not a lunatic or a fruit loop.

Finally, it was Friday night, I was home alone and couldn’t stop wondering about him, so I sent him a text to see what he was up to.

Isn’t that interesting? That’s why it’s very powerful when you meet a woman in person and you exchange numbers. She’s got your number, you’ve got hers. She puts her number in your phone, you text her back, “Hey, it’s Corey. Nice to meet you,” and that’s it. And then several days go by, and she’ll be like, “Why doesn’t he message me?” You see the effect that it has on her. Because again, he’s going way slower than every other guy she’s probably ever met. He’s in no rush. Why should he be in a rush? Haste makes waste.

He said he was home, asked me how I was doing, and then proceeded to make definite plans. He brought up his place, and I counter offered with my place, and a homemade meal. He agreed, and we met up.

So what’s interesting is, when you take a step back, this is something that’s happening over the course of about a year or so. So, she sees him all the time, he’s not hungry, he’s not chasing her. He’s not coming up to her every time in the gym, “What are you doing?” He’s just living his life. And at the end of the day, as far as he knew, she was in a relationship with somebody else. He’s not going to pursue a chick that’s engaged.

But she started pursuing him and going, “Hey, I’m available.” And he’s like, cool, but then he does nothing. He’s still moving slowly. Because they haven’t even gone on a date, they just see each other in the gym and he’s gone way slower than she is. So what does that do? That’s masculinity. That’s the vibe of a man who already has enough women in his life. The last thing he needs is another one. So she’s like, “Come on over.” He doesn’t act like a guy that’s a weirdo or a stalker that’s going to be in a rush or it’s going to make her feel unsafe.

Fast forward another 5 months and we are still very happy together. We both have children from previous relationships, and that was a struggle at first, but we have worked through and are currently blending very well. He was an example of a parent who was in control of his household and I was able to learn things from him in that regard. He wasn’t a pushover dad and I’ve also seen those same strong personal characteristics in his work ethic, in the gym, and in our relationship. He has his beliefs that he doesn’t stray from for anyone or anything, which has made me a stronger more confident woman also.

So, he’s setting the tone, “This is my world. I’ve decided ahead of time that I’m going to be happy, and things are going to be my way. And the right woman will just fit right in like a glove. I don’t really have to do anything for that. It’ll just kind of happen.” I mean, most guys, it would drive them up a wall. I mean, all year? But like I said, when they first met, as far as he knew, she was taken and he’s just not going to put any energy or effort towards that. But obviously, when he would see her in the gym, he’s taken by her beauty and he can’t take his eyes off her. He’s going to make strong eye contact, and she’s going to be the one looking away first and being submissive.

He knows his purpose and value as a man and it radiates something that I cannot resist as a woman. He makes me laugh every day. He is incredibly goofy, and it makes me feel incomparably more comfortable with him than any man before. We communicate on all levels, the good and the bad. We have not been in a fight, because it’s so easy for me to talk to him and get whatever it is figured out in a mature way.

Well, as I talk about “How To Be A 3% Man,” men who understand women do not argue with them. They facilitate conversation. They facilitate the woman being heard and understood. And when the woman is heard and understood, the legs will always open. It’s like the 7-Eleven, always open.

I was never a woman who is constantly touchy, but I cannot keep my levels of affection down. I am so drawn to him that I don’t want to hold it back with expressing how much I love this man.

That’s because he’s in the 3% Club.

I just finished your book “How to Become a 3% Man.” I know he listened to your advice and put it into play in his own way. He wasn’t robotic, but he put everything you talked about into action and therefore my reactions are exactly what you talked about too.

I’m psychic like that.

He is the greatest man I have ever known besides my own Father.

Pretty good compliment.

I trust this man to protect me if in danger.

So, she also sent a cool picture of her and him at the gun range, and that’s pretty awesome. The couple that fights together stays together. And I can tell by the way he was holding his pistol that he knows what he’s doing.

And to love me the way a real alpha male should.

One of the things that he mentioned in one of his DMs, as I was reading through it, was making alpha males great again.

As a woman of Christian faith, I understand women should submit to their man, and now that I have found my 3% man, this has come effortlessly. His masculine nature and my feminine nature make for the perfect sexual polarity.

Well, that’s the way the Lord created us to be.

From the woman who loves/is loved by a 3% man.

Thank you Coach Corey!


Well, thanks for that great success story. It’s always great to have success stories. And if you’d like to have success stories in the future and you want to become a 3% Man, go to at Coach Corey Wayne for the mugs, and go to to read “Mastering Yourself” and “How To Be A 3% Man” for free.

And by the way, one of the messages I saw, he was asking about business. My whole business model and how I built what I built is in “Mastering Yourself,” so make sure you tell Bob about that. He may have already figured that out by now, but it seemed like he was wondering if there was going to be a book strictly on business.

But the basic structure of what I do — it doesn’t matter whether you’re an attorney, or a personal trainer, or a real estate agent, a mortgage broker, you’re in the construction industry, you renovate homes, you’re into gardening, you’re into renovating cars, whatever happens to be — if you’ve got a passion for something, I’ve completely laid out how to build a good online presence, whatever kind of niche market it may be in that you’re an expert in. If you follow what’s in “Mastering Yourself,” and you love it, and you have a passion for it, and you film it, and you take pictures of it, and you talk about it, and you put good, valuable content that offers good information, you will grow a great audience.

“When it comes to creating, growing and maintaining attraction in a woman towards a man, the difference that makes the difference is indifference. Indifference is not necessarily ignoring a woman, but being indifferent to her moods, attitude and presence or absence from his life. A 3% Man has his own goals and vision for his life. He does what he does because it pleases him, but he loves to share himself and his life with a woman who appreciates who he is and where he is going. He is playful, confident, and humble, takes care of himself and is focused on his mission and purpose in life. A woman is a compliment to his already great life, and together they share their completeness. He loves in such a way that his woman feels free to come and go and live her life, but she can’t stay away from him for too long because he makes it so easy, effortless and irresistible to be with him.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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