Success Attracting Women

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How you can have effortless success attracting women to date and have relationships with.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss two email success stories from two different guys. The first email success story is from a guy who was out of the dating world for the last twenty years. He’s a successful entrepreneur who shares several recent success stories of meeting women in public and how he progressed the romance effortlessly.

The second email success story is from a guy who has been following my work since he was seventeen. He’s now twenty-five and in a great relationship. He shares how my work helped him to not only succeed in his personal life, but his professional life as well. He says that he’s read my book over forty times! High achievers are simply willing to do more and become more than the average person. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the bodies of their emails.

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First Viewer’s Email:


I came across your content shortly after my divorce.

That’s obviously a painful event, not pleasant. That gives you an emotionally compelling reason to figure shit out.

Having not really been in the dating world at all for the last 20 years, I knew I needed some guidance as I put myself back out there. I’m a busy entrepreneur, and the work that I do is very labor intensive, but I am able to wear ear buds as I work, so I purchased the audio book version of How to be a 3% Man and have listened to it enough times that I could probably recite it.

That’s somebody that followed instructions. That’s what you want, because then you don’t have to think about it. You just instinctively react. That’s not going to come when you only read it a couple of times or listen to it while you’re working out or doing things around the house. You’ve got to be able to focus on it and really take in the information.

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Remember, it’s not just the people around us. Everything you see on TV and in the media is driving us to act a certain way, and that way creates the opposite of attraction. It’s like the people who put these things together want to socially engineer society the way it think it should be, but it’s just simply not natural for women, and that’s why it doesn’t work in the real world. It’s cute on TV and in the movies, but it doesn’t work in real life.

When working from home, I often have your YouTube videos streaming in the background, so that I can learn from the mistakes other guys are making. I have made it a priority to put the best version of myself out there, and you’re helping me achieve that goal.

Back in January of this year, I began putting the techniques I was learning into action.

You can’t just listen to the book or read it several dozen times and then do nothing. You actually have to apply it. Knowledge is only potential power. It only becomes power when you actually apply it. That’s how you learn.

It didn’t take long for me to begin dating a very attractive woman. She’s a nurse, and I felt like she was a great catch. We dated for a couple months, but then some character flaws began appearing. I walked away and never looked back.

If you’re in a scarcity mindset and you don’t find many women that you like to date, and then you come across one that you like, but there are lots of red flags, you’ll stick around, hoping you can fix things, change things, or get her to behave the way you want to be. My book will help you weed out the crazy ones and look for the red flags, so you can bail out and move on. Most guys don’t do that. They’ll stick around and put up with it because they’ve got nothing else going on in their lives. But when you have abundance, you have choice, then you’re like, this is not good enough. I want better. And that gives you the confidence to move on and eventually find someone better.

However, she has reached out on a few occasions since then.

Well, rejection breeds obsession for both men and women.

A few weeks later, I was sitting at one of my favorite hangouts, and began bantering with the girl sitting next to me at the bar. (A yoga instructor, by the way.) Before I left, I got her number and she asked that I shoot her a quick text so that she would have mine as well.

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That’s someone who is displaying a high level of interest in you. I suggest in my book that you should text the woman right after you get the number, so she’ll have it, because hopefully, she starts texting you. If she starts texting you before you even have the opportunity to text her, now she’s already pursuing you. And that’s what you really want anyway. Women are natural pursuers, even though they tell you “I want a guy that pursues me.”

It’s true. They want a guy that will pursue them in the beginning and start the ball rolling, but once the attraction’s there, it’s mutual attraction, and you’re hanging out, having fun and hooking up, they want to bond and connect with you more and more. They make it easy that way. But the important thing is, you’ve got to find a woman who actually likes you from the get-go. I see way too many guys trying to get a girl who are not really that into them to like them. It’s demeaning to yourself to try to stick around or keep a woman around who really couldn’t give a flying fuck whether you’re there or not.

I had to go pick up my son, so I didn’t have the option to stick around. Before I made it back to my house, less than a mile away, she had already texted me 3 separate times. Knowing the signs to look for, I knew what I needed to do, so I quickly set a date for the following weekend, which led to an amazing opportunity for us to hang out, have fun and hook up!

That’s a woman who made it easy because she was really interested in you as well. That’s ideally what you’re looking for. If you could have that, why would you want anything else? And it doesn’t matter how hot she is. At the end of the day, some dude somewhere is tired of fucking her. It’s harsh, but that’s reality.

I continued dating her until recently, when some issues came up. She doesn’t have kids, and I’m a single father with teenage boys. We’ve discussed this topic a few separate times, and it clearly disturbs her that she is unable to cope with my situation. (In her defense, her ex has a teenage daughter who despised her so badly that she once told the girl I was dating, “Just so you know, I used your toothbrush to clean the toilet yesterday.”)

So even though she’s dating a new guy, and she doesn’t know you yet, she’s still responding to what happened in her previous relationship. She’s basically bringing baggage from the previous relationship into this one. That’s not good. What’s your incentive to put up with shit like that? It’s not your problem that she’s upset or damaged from the previous relationship. You want somebody who’s ready, willing, open and able to dating you — a woman with a good attitude who’s easygoing, easy to get along with, bubbly, happy, fun to be around, doesn’t take herself too seriously, doesn’t take life to personally and likes to joke around and have fun.

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I began giving her space a couple weeks ago, so that she could get emotions back in balance. Since then, I have noticed that she seems perfectly content to hang out and get sloppy drunk with one of her girlfriends.

It’s not your job to fix her. It’s not your job to help her get to a place where she’d be somebody good to date. Again, you want an equal. You don’t want another child you’ve got to take care of. Why would you want a girlfriend who behaves like a fucking child? I wouldn’t put up with that.

It is brutally apparent to me that her attraction level has dropped, so I initiated no contact a few days ago. That was 2 successful pickups, and it wasn’t easy walking away either time.

It’s hard when they’re hot and they’re into you, but if you have choices and options and you know you can do better, you’re going to be more inclined to do it, versus the guy who’s got nothing going on. He’s going to put up with that type of bullshit until she just absolutely drives him out of his fucking mind.

However, the real success story is just beginning to emerge, as I’ve begun my search again. I created my own version of the Ultimate Online Dating Profile a few days ago and put it on a some of the dating sites. While waiting for the profile to do its work for me, I went out and enjoyed my weekend. I stopped in at another one of my favorite hangouts and noticed the non-verbal cues the smokin’ hot waitress kept giving me; touching me, making direct eye contact, playing with her hair, etc.

You’ve had two recent experiences after twenty years being out of the dating market, and things went well with both of the other women. You’ve pushed one away completely, and the other one is still reaching out. You’re going to be a little more cocky and have a little more swagger. Because you feel good and you’re having a good fucking time, smiling a lot, this waitress recognizes that you’ve got a different vibe than pretty much 99% of the other dudes she meets. That’s why she’s so touchy, feely, signaling to you that she likes you. This is beautiful. This is effortless. This is the way it’s supposed to be. You’re the catch. You’re the prize.

So before I left, I played one of my favorites on her. As she was walking back up to my table, I began looking at my bill, as if there was something wrong with it. As she walked up, she asked, “Is there something wrong?” To which I responded, “Yes, there is. I noticed that you didn’t put your number on here.” She smiled and immediately grabbed the bill out of my hands, so that she could write down her number.

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A woman who’s not interested is going to say, “Oh, we’re not allowed to give that out at work.” So if you hear an excuse like that, it’s a sign of low interest. Why would you want to fuck with that?

Before she could begin writing, I grabbed my phone and set it on top of the bill, and said, “Why don’t you just put it here, where I can’t lose it?” We have plans now, by the way.

In less than 48 hours, my online dating profile began working it’s magic. I had several women view my profile multiple times, so I sent some of them a message to break the ice, and others went so far as to leave a message. So over the course of a single weekend, I now have a handful of attractive women that I can begin communicating with and decide which one(s) I want to start dating.

Most guys are in the mindset of, “Man, I really hope that girl will go out with me.” Instead, you’re like, “Which one do I want to go out with? Who’s the best prospect so far.” It’s a completely different mindset than 99% of the other guys in the world experience.

I owe you a great deal of gratitude for the results that I’ve gotten. I’m no Brad Pitt, and I’m definitely not rich either, but your techniques work. It’s no pickup artist BS either.

It’s all about being a man, and that’s why it works, because feminine women like very masculine men who act like fucking men and know what they’re doing.

Had it not been for the techniques I learned in your book or having learned from the mistakes other guys have made, I wouldn’t have nearly as much success as I’ve had with attracting women. Thank you for helping me avoid careless mistakes and for giving me direction as I search for and find the woman of my dreams.



Good job dude. Thanks for sharing that great success story.

Second Viewer’s Email:

What’s up Coach!

I started listening to you when I was 17. I’m now 25. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I’ve read your book about 40 times now,

That is a serious student. That is a guy who decided a long time ago that he’s going to get this shit handled.

and what you taught me has molded me into such a secure person. I have a beautiful girlfriend that loves the shit out of me and I her. The relationship is effortless.

I just graduated from U.C. Davis, and knew I was bullshitting myself with the career choice. I want to do music, so I dedicated my past year to speak my truth and be as I am. Some people don’t like it, but they respect the honor in being truthful, and it frees you from so much.

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Why should you apologize for who you are? Good friends will encourage you and be happy for you, even when you’re not succeeding at it. They believe in you because they’re a true friend. And the rest of the weak bitches that are around us all the time, they’re going to talk shit. But that’s okay, because they’re fucking losers and not strong enough or brave enough to do the things that you, or I, or the rest of the people watching this video are going to do.

Following my passion has filled me with so much life and drive, the progress I made with college in 5 years is nothing compared to how much I have done with music in so little time, and yet I needed to see that I wouldn’t deceive myself. I was born to write music, and only now that I have accepted this, all of your work, process and dedication makes sense now.

That brings somebody to mind from the 1960’s. Carole King was a great musician in her own right and had quite a few songs that you would recognize, that you’ve heard of. But what was really amazing about Carole King is that she wrote a shit-ton of really great, hit songs for other people. So yes, she was a great musician, but she was even greater as a writer in helping other people that maybe had better voices or more musical talent than her, and she made a great career out of it.

I wondered how you do it, but now that I do what I love, I understand. You have forever changed my life.



Congratulations dude. Thanks for sticking around for eight years.

“Success is most often due to simply showing up, taking consistent action, learning from your mistakes, refining your approach and refusing to quit until you find a way to accomplish your grandest goals and dreams. Succeeding at what you want in life usually takes way longer than you thought it would, and way more money than you expected to spend or invest. The impulse to quit and give up for immediate comfort and peace of mind will always be strong, and most people you encounter along your journey will encourage you to quit and settle because, they have also chosen the less difficult path. That’s why you must find what lights you up on the inside and creates a deep burning desire to achieve or become what you want. Something that is more emotionally compelling and motivating than simply quitting and seeking immediate comfort.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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