Simple Pickup & Seduction

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Simple pickup and seduction strategy you can use to meet and seduce the kind of women you’ve always wanted.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a 26-year-old guy who met a beautiful 18-year-old woman he really liked on Instagram. He details what he did and said to start a conversation with her and successfully transition it to picking her up for a date in person. However, on the day of the date he texted her that he would be at her place within 30 minutes to pick her up, and she told him that her place was empty that night.

They never did go out on a date, but instead he shares what he did and said to seduce her shortly after arriving at her place. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.

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Hey Coach,

I just want to share my story with you. I just want to let you know, your book really works, and it changed my life.

What I teach works, and here is another success story that illustrates that perfectly.

I’ve met this girl on Instagram. I’m 26, and she’s 18. I messaged her directly saying “How’s it going?” and she replied, “Doing well, hbu?”

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As I’m walking around, I’m always saying, “Hey! How are you guys doing? What’s up? How’s your day?” Most people are really friendly. Other people will just look at you, walk right by and not even acknowledge you, and that’s okay. Don’t take it personally. Remember, other people’s opinion of you is none of your fucking business.

The conversation started to go on, until we decided to meet up the next week. Like you said, the phone is for setting dates only, not chit-chatting,

You don’t really need to talk any more than 10–15 minutes, especially if you’re meeting somebody online like this. What’s beautiful about social media is, it makes it really easy to find someone with similar goals and similar values by posting about your life and things you believe in and are passionate about on your page. People will start following you and liking you. It’s amazing how much easier technology has made it to meet people and prescreen them. People who like the same things tend to like each other. It makes starting conversations and conversing really easy,

and I did set a date for us to meet up Tuesday night! She agreed… oh yeah.

It looks like you just messaged on Instagram. Personally, especially because I meet women from all over the world, I want to talk to them on video first and see what they’re like.

So the night comes around 7pm and I message her “I’ll pick you up in 30 minutes, okay?” She replied, “Hey my place is empty tonight,”

In other words, you’re getting laid as long as you don’t talk her out of it,

and at that moment, I knew it was going down.

Obviously, you’ve read the book. You know the progression.

I asked her, “What time do you want me to be there?” She said “8:30 would be perfect.”

At this point I was so excited, my brain was thinking ahead! So when I came in to her place, I knew what to do. I read her like a book, Coach. We sat down, we had some champagne, and after 2 hours of chit-chatting with her and drinking some champagne, she asked me to come with her, and of course I did.

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You weren’t in a rush. This is the first time you’ve met this girl, and you went straight to her house.

We went to her room, and we sat down on her bed. We talked a little bit for 5 minutes, and she starts touching her hair and staring at my lips while I’m answering her questions.

You were being observant and looking for the signs. And she has invited you into the bedroom, so you’re not in a rush. When a woman’s staring at your lips, she wants to kiss them.

Then she says “Kiss me,” and yeaaaahhh, that’s’ the start of indoor Olympics!

After that, we hang out every week once, but I never ask her about our next date after the indoor Olympics. I give her some time, then after two days she starts reaching out. When she does, I reply, “What’s your schedule like this week?” Then she just replies instantly and gives me the day and time that she’s free.

You’re direct, you’re decisive and you get right to the fucking point.

So what I’m trying to share about my experience is that when you give the women time to reach you out, it’s just going to be like a well oiled machine.

It’s her idea when she reaches out. She reaches out because she’s missing you, and she’s thinking about you. She’s hoping that you want to get together also. When you’re direct, you’re decisive and right to the fucking point, she likes that. She puts herself in your orbit, and you take the lead to set up the next fun-filled opportunity for sex to happen. That’s what a date is anyway.

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It’s going to keep going until she’s very comfortable with you, until she’s going to ask you about getting exclusive.

Absolutely. What you do to get a woman to fall in love with you is what you do to keep her in love. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been together for six months or sixty years. The courtship never ends. I get lots of emails from guys who think there’s something different that you do when you’re in a relationship versus when you’re married, or you’re just kind of casually dating. It’s the same process.

When I do coaching sessions with guys that are having problems in their long-term relationships, 99% of them are already in couples counseling and therapy. It’s very helpful, but at the end of the day, if a guy is not acting like a man, he doesn’t have a mission and a purpose in life, and he’s not dating and courting her properly anymore, she’s not going to want to sleep with him. And trying to negotiate sex in a therapy session is just not going to work, because the woman in essence is agreeing to sleep with you in a negotiation. It’s like horse trading.

I just want to say thank you to you Coach. You are the man. You taught me the way I handle things with women.

Thank you so much.


“The best dates you will ever have in your life will be with women who are really into you from the moment you meet. Women who really like you will smile a lot, be excited to talk with you, make conversing easy and spending time together effortless. You simply must avoid doing stupid, unattractive things that talk them out of liking you. Never waste your time trying to convince a woman to date, like or go out with you. Ask women out no more than twice, and then move on to the next prospect if they shoot you down. Otherwise, you risk developing an unhealthy attachment that will only serve to hinder your progress and keep you from the perfect woman for you.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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Coach Corey Wayne

Coach Corey Wayne

Life & Peak Performance Coach. I Teach Self-Reliance. Subscribe To My Newsletter To Read My eBooks “3% Man” & “Mastering Yourself” Free:

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