Picking Up Girls On Vacation

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A simple method you can use to pickup girls while you are vacation that causes them to perceive you as mysterious, interesting and desirable, so they seek you out, chase and seduce you.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a viewer who shares how he applied what I teach to get women to pursue and seduce him during a recent vacation to Cancun, Mexico. It’s a fantastic illustration of the power of creating and cultivating abundance and the non-action approach to meeting, picking up and seducing women that I detail in my article, “How To Get Women To Approach You First.”

He details what he did and said, and how he applied the strategy it teaches to women he met on vacation at the resort where he stayed, so he created a steady stream of different women who sought him out and seduced him. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.

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Hi Coach,

I just recently returned from a trip to Cancun, Mexico and I had an amazing time! I am currently single, and would like to eventually end up in a relationship, but in the mean time I have read your amazing book, and while I was on vacation, I practiced your techniques mentioned in the book and the principles of “hang out, hook up and have fun.”

It’s actually, hang out, have fun and hook up. You’ve got to do it in the right order. That’s important. A lot of guys get that wrong.

From the first day of my vacation, I met a lot of amazing women at the bars, in the pool, at the beach, coffee shops and at random places at the resort.

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This is the difference that makes a difference. This is the difference that sets you apart, an abundance mentality. Remember, think from the end. Think as if you’ve been getting your brains fucked out for the last month, and the last thing you want to do is be with another girl. You wouldn’t be focused on meeting women. You’d be focused on enjoying your time in Mexico.

I would talk to a woman, only for a maximum of 5 to 10 minutes, tell them I’m from Canada, get to know them and so forth. After 10 minutes though, I would say “I’m just heading to the beach,” or “I’ve got something going on. Nice meeting you,” and “I will see you later,”

You asked me to critique you, so one of the things you could have said is, “I’m headed to the beach if you care to join me,” or “I’ve got something going on, but maybe if you’re around the bar later we can meet up and have a drink.” You could also give her your phone number, so you could make it easy for her to contact you,

and on to the next, while at the same time enjoying my vacation!

That’s the difference. It’s subtle, but it’s night and day different. Instead of a woman having her guard up from a guy who’s trying to get into her pants, you’re trying to, in essence, get away from her, because you’ve already got too many choices and too many options. You only want to spend your time with women who really like you and really want to be with you, and the ones who really want to be with you will track you down.

By the second night, I bumped into a woman I met previously in the pool. I chatted with her for a bit, and then she asked me to join her for a drink! We ended up in the nightclub, getting it on and having a good time.

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You just kind of walked into that one.

Two days later, I bumped into another woman, and she said she spent 30 minutes of her time looking for me and wondered where I was last night.

You were engaging in conversation, and you were not attached to anything happening one way or the other. You were just getting to know this stranger you met. Maybe you like her, maybe you don’t. If you have lots of choices and lots of options, you needs some information. You need data for your analysis, so you can decide whether or not you want to progress things, versus a guy that is just hoping she’ll give him a taste of the punani.

I talked with her for a bit, but she was with her friends at the time. I gave her my room number and said, “I’ll catch you later!”

The following night, I had an unexpected knock on my door and she was there!

If you think about it, that’s pretty cocky. A guy who’s desperate is like, “What’s your room number? I’ll come knock on your door later.” But instead, you were like, “Hey, this is my room number.” That is the difference that makes a difference.

We hung out on the balcony, talked, kissed and we ended up hooking up. The sex was amazing!

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That is because you are behaving like a guy that gets laid all the time, even though this might have been one of the first times you really felt the balls to use the things you’ve learned. And look how well it’s working for you.

In addition, other women I had met throughout the trip would approach me and invite me to have a lunch date, and others would ask me to hang out with her group of friends. All in all, I met a lot of amazing people, and I had a great time!

It’s a great victory dude. What a great vacation.

I am wondering if you could make a video newsletter with my story and provide some feedback on my strategies.

Other than that one thing I mentioned in the beginning, the “Would you care to join me?” I would have thrown in there, it doesn’t matter, because you still ended up hooking up with those girls. That tells me, they really were digging you. They were probably wondering, “Why didn’t he stay around to talk to me? Does he not like me? Is he not attracted to me?” Remember, it’s a scientific fact that women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.

I probably could have done better with the women I had met. Now that I am at home, I am still practicing your strategies by getting myself out there, meeting people and greeting them with a smile, but at the same time, enjoying my career, working out at the gym and enjoying my life.

You’re focused on your mission and your purpose in life, like an alpha male should be, and that’s why these things just happen.

I am a very simple minded, easygoing type of guy, but my goal is to have nothing but the best relationship possible.

Well, it’s good to sample the all-you-can-eat buffet before you decide which dish is your favorite. Men and women both have to do that.

Again I really enjoyed reading your book, and I enjoy watching your videos. They have helped a lot, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you do for guys like me.



“Having an abundance mindset and cultivating a life and lifestyle that gives you an overabundance of choices and options will put you into a superior position of leverage that makes it easy to get what you want in your personal and professional interactions. When you have too many choices, you must be discerning and take your time to gather data on all prospects, so you can make an informed decision to pick the best option. When you have no choices or options, this causes you to be hungry, desperate, and needy and overcompensate by trying too hard. Power, like a river, flows to you effortlessly. Force wears you out, demoralizes you, saps your confidence and repels what and who you want. Learn to think from the end by behaving in ways that are consistent with having too much of what you want. Abundance makes you feel peaceful and relaxed. Scarcity makes you fearful, nervous and causes you to doubt yourself. You always will do your best when you are peaceful and relaxed.”

~ Coach Corey Wayne

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