Passing Her Tests & Turning Her On

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How passing her tests and turning her on are a result of displaying masculinity, strength, charm, humor and humility.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss two different emails from two different viewers. The first email is from a viewer who has been studying my work for the past three years. He shares how he finally met a unicorn, became exclusive and why it’s the best relationship he’s ever had.

The second email success story is from a guy who only started following me a few months ago. He’s had a female friend for several years that he used what he learned from me to get out of friend zone by passing her tests of his strength. He goes into detail on what she said and did to bluff and intimidate him. He shares how he passed her tests, which turned her on and made her desire him even more! My comments are in bold italics like this below in the bodies of their emails.

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First Viewer’s Email:

Dear Corey,

The magnitude of change, growth and new experience your material has allowed me is beyond words. I’ve been devouring your work for the past 3 years…

I always have the best success stories from guys who have read the book backwards and forwards multiple times, and that’s what you’re going to see here with this guy. These guys here, I never have phone sessions with them. They’re just good students, they follow instructions and they don’t have any problems.

…having read How To Be A 3% Man twenty-six times, Mastering Yourself twice and have watched your YouTube videos countless times. Learning how to live life as a centered, spiritually balanced alpha male has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.

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Like many, a painful breakup with a remarkable woman brought me to your work.

Most guys don’t come to me because things are going well in their life. They’re only open to reading my first book How To Be A 3% Man or my second book Mastering Yourself when something has gone sideways in their life. You can read these for free at All you’ve got to do is subscribe to the email newsletter.

I was able to apply the proper success principles winning her back before it ultimately imploded. As many who get their exes back eventually see, some things are not meant to be. The resulting pain was the necessary leverage to apply your work in earnest.

Notice what he’s saying there. He got emotional leverage upon himself because he experienced a lot of emotional pain. And that, at the end of the day, is what motivates us. We do more to avoid pain than we’ll do to gain pleasure. A guy’s most open to hearing my message or reading my books when he’s in a lot of pain and he wants to get out of it, or he’s like, “That’s it. This shit is never going to happen again. I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing wrong.”

The gift of desperation required to let go of old ideas and grow.

Well, as Master Yoda said, “You must unlearn what you have learned.

As the years went on, I steadfastly utilized repetition of the fundamentals and kept myself in constant circulation, pushing myself towards uncomfortable growth in the realm of dating, pick-up and relationships. The promise of meeting the next woman that absolutely blew me away kept me hungry for progress.

That statement is really important. That’s the emotionally compelling reason he came up with to keep reading the book, to keep applying it and to keep getting better. Anything you want to accomplish in life you have to have something that’s really emotionally compelling and exciting, because those emotions are what’s going to propel you to keep moving forward when things are not going well, when it’s like it’s never going to work out for you.

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This is super important, and this is something that I learned close to thirty years ago, and I think about it constantly. Whether it’s making juice or making smoothies, working out, exercising, getting sleep, having business goals or work goals, whatever it happens to be, there’s always this little battle going on in my mind that just goes, “Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow,” or “I’ll just do it over the weekend.” It’s easy to put it off.

It’s easy to be lazy. It’s hard to push yourself. And when you have emotionally compelling reasons why you want things, that’s why you will push yourself. I go into extensive detail on how that applies in “Mastering Yourself.” So if you’re struggling in other areas of your life other than your personal life, I definitely recommend “Mastering Yourself.”

I kept myself in a state of total preparedness. Sure enough, after almost 4 years, I met that woman; a highly ambitious, extremely beautiful, charismatic alpha female. The courting process tested my skills to the limit as I was absolutely smitten with her from our first interaction.

You’re going to get two, maybe three of those a decade. That’s it. Not a lot of those come along in your life where you just click from the get-go. And man do they fucking hurt when you screw those up, because you know it’s probably going to be several years before it happens again.

We clicked emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. I took our courtship one day at a time, living in the present and staying as objective as possible. I had to navigate the waters of insecurity, doubt and fears.

But because he had an emotionally compelling reason why he wanted it — he wanted the unicorn, so to speak, and he didn’t want to experience the pain — he used those to get the emotional leverage upon himself that he needed. It’s an essential skill.

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Again, I go into detail all throughout my book “Mastering Yourself” on how to utilize that and the impacts of that. When you think this way decade, after decade, after decade, it has a dramatic impact on your life and what you’re able to accomplish. This is what self-reliant people do.

Despite the turbulence of these emotions, I stuck to the fundamentals and strictly applied the teachings. As of last week, she brought up falling in love, and we’ve made it official after 2.5 months of dating. It is truly magical; almost unbelievable. I didn’t think things could be THIS great.

Well, you’re in the honeymoon period, and it will wear off, but man it is so much nicer. It’s so much easier to be with somebody that you jive with like this, and they are definitely worth the wait.

I don’t plan on resting on my laurels and continue to keep the principles in mind as I experience this wonderful blessing. I am deeply grateful for your continued generosity, wisdom and knowledge.

It is critical for your listeners to get out of their own way and trust your teachings. It is a must to read your material until it becomes second nature.

Listen to what the man is saying.

I hope my experience will motivate others. I continue to be a passionate evangelist for your work.

Much love,


P.S I made a donation to you and have included images of her as I’m super proud.

Well, you should be dude. Congratulations. I’m very happy for you. Thanks for the donation.

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Second Viewer’s Email:

Hi Corey,

I just wanted to say, I purchased How To Be A 3% Man from Amazon a month ago, I am on my second read now, and I do get the need to read it 10–15 times to have it ingrained.

Well, repetition is the mother of skill.

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Before reading your book and watching a lot your videos, I will admit that I did not really understand anything about relationships and have had some bad ones in the past, and I can now see a lot of the reasons why.

However, I have had a really good friend for over 15 years who I always kinda wanted to get with. We have always supported each other through breakups that coincidentally always seem to happen around the same time. We started talking again a lot during lockdown, and we had become really close again, supporting each other and having fun as friends.

I am 37, and she is 33, 5’2,” blonde and absolutely stunning to look at, since the last time we were close as friends we have grown up a lot and there has appeared to be a different vibe between us this time around. We have a lot of fun when we are together, we seem to just fall back to how we have always been when we were younger.

For the past month I have acted on what I have learned from your book and videos so far, showing confidence, telling her what I want and backing away to give her time to think and wonder about me, she has always responded in the most positive way and communicates her feelings back to me directly with honesty. Gradually, she has become closer to me physically, and I have responded when the signs were there.

So obviously, he’s talking about the selection process. I go into detail in “How To Be A 3% Man,” my first book. It’s a process, but you’ve got to know what to look for and act upon it when you see that it’s there.

Then a week ago we made out and cuddled on her sofa while watching a film! I couldn’t believe my luck, though I didn’t let on and just continued to play it cool as cucumber. She texts me first every day, and I always thought I was complete friend zone because she is very open with me about everything.

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What I am still finding amazing is she says one thing (the test) to see if I am strong enough to handle what she says, then I respond with confidence using what I have learned, then a short while later she does the complete opposite, i.e. says “I want to take this really slow, I am not sure how I feel, I don’t really know what I want.”

These are all just reflections of how she is feeling. And when the average guy hears this shit, he thinks, “What the hell? You just told me something different five minutes ago. What’s up with that?” Don’t take it personally. They’re expressing how they feel emotionally.

If a woman says, “I want to take things really slow,” or she likes how things are moving on and she says, “I want to take it slow,” she’s helping you. She’s kind of giving you a clue on what she’s looking for. In other words, don’t fuck it up.

I say “okay that’s fine, I can’t promise anything either, let’s just have fun.”

When he says something like that, he’s communicating he could either take it or leave it. He’s indifferent to it. He’s not being a dick about it. He’s just, “Ehh, let’s take it slow.” He’s matching and mirroring. In other words, he’s communicating vibrationally that he is in the same place she is.

The average guy, what do you think he’s going to do when he hears that? He’s going to get upset, he’s going to be all in his head, and he’s going to be thinking, “I don’t understand. I thought she would be into me. Now she’s telling me she wants to take it slow? It’s like she’s giving me mixed signals.” I see that a lot. You’ve just got to learn to speak the language, their language.

Off she goes to her bedroom, slips into some sexy nightie and returns, and we make out again! WTF! You are an eye opener man!

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Because typically, women share these things with guys, and the guy comes unglued. And you handled it like, “Yeah, whatever. I know you want me.” You have that kind of an attitude. It’s like you could take it either way. But it’s always fun to come back with some humor and go, “I know you have a big crush on me. It’s okay. I know you’ve been harboring it for fifteen years, but it’s okay.”

After kissing on the weekend, I took her to a theme park, (Thorpe Park in the UK). We had amazing day kissing in the queue line and acting like idiots together.

That’s always the best way to be, acting like a fucking idiot with a girl who also acts like an idiot. There’s a old quote — I don’t remember who said it — but goes something along the lines of, “We don’t quit playing because we grow old. We grow old because we quit playing.” [This quote is by George Bernard Shaw.]

She asked me to send her the pictures at the end of the day, she received them when she got home, and she said she thought we looked great together. Her texts since then had become more and more, until a couple of days ago we were having a day off from seeing each other, she messaged me loads of really cute messages all day, and I joked with her and played on her need to keep messaging me.

See, he’s being playful with her, “I know you have a crush on me. I know, it’s hard. It’s difficult being a man that’s this good looking. I know. I’m hard to resist, but I appreciate the fact that you’re trying to exercise some self control.”

The more I played with her, the more she wanted me. The more I did it, the more it drove her literally crazy. She actually said, “you are driving me crazy,” but I wasn’t doing anything, Lol.

What it really means is you’re turning her on because you’re acting like a man. And it’s probably been a long time since a dude has acted this way with her, if ever, because most guys don’t understand how to speak this language.

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She fell over herself to make sure she was free for Saturday night, and then asked me out on a date… she’s keen.

I think so.

So last night she took me out for cocktails, and then we went for dinner. I quickly detected her attraction was high, a crotch rub with her foot while telling me she was bald downstairs was a somewhat of a giveaway, even for a complete noob like me!

In other words, she was saying, “I freshly shaved for you, and you’re going to get some of this later, as long as you play your cards right and don’t talk me out of it.”

So eventually we took the party back to my house where we had more drinks, listened to music, sang and played instruments in my home studio. We then had great sex into the early hours. We slept naked together all night, woke up and had sex again this morning before I drove her home. Now she wants to be friends with benefits.

Sounds like good benefits.

The information in your book is brilliant and very respectful, and I think it will make a big difference to my life going forward I will keep reading over and over!

Well, it will make a big difference if you read it 10–15 times and you get to know it backwards and forwards, because right now, you’re just utilizing the hook-up, the dating and the seduction stuff. You haven’t even gotten to the relationship stuff.

I know you have fifteen years of history, but it all fucking changes when feelings are involved, so do the right thing my man. Read the book 10–15 times. There are no shortcuts to success.

You are a top guy!

Thank you,


With that said, if you’re in a situation and you would like to get my help, the quickest way is to go to, click the Products tab at the top of your screen and book a coaching session with yours truly, so you can pass the woman’s tests in your life as easily and effortlessly as the two Bobs did.

“A woman bluffs to test a man’s strength. She often will feign disinterest in him or displeasure with his actions to see how he responds. A man who knows better responds with cockiness, playfulness, humor, humility and an unattached demeanor that communicates that he understands what she is doing but finds it cute and endearing. A woman is way more attracted to a man she can’t push around or intimidate, versus a guy who jumps through his butt to please her. Don’t take a woman’s test of your strength or attempts at intimidation as a sleight or an insult, but instead use it as an opportunity to turn her on by your indifference and amusement.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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