My Wife Cheated On Me, But I’m In The Doghouse

Coach Corey Wayne
26 min readJan 26, 2023
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What you should do if your wife cheated, your relationship is on the rocks, but you want to stay together.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss 2 different emails from 2 different viewers. The first email is a train wreck of a story from a guy who has been married for 23 years and they have a 6-year-old child together. Two years ago, she started hanging out with co-workers, doing drugs with them, and cheating on him with one of the men she works with. She suggested a trial separation at the time. He wanted to work it out. There’s no intimacy. He sleeps in another bedroom. He still acts like a beta male, and his wife suggested he seek intimacy in another woman outside of their marriage at the prompting of her therapist.

The 2nd email is from a German couple who are avid fans and followers of my work. They have a great marriage and are great teammates. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the bodies of their emails.

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First Viewer’s Email:

Hi Corey,

First of all, I just want to say thank you for your content. It has helped me a lot with correcting beta male issues and ‘the one’ mentality.

Well, a big part of what I teach is really just attraction — how to be an attractive man that is able to attract the women he wants, keep the women he wants. How to attract the kind of job, career, business that you want. Obviously, I’ve got my second book, “Mastering Yourself,” which I highly recommend. Then we’ve got the two quote books, “Quotes, Ruminations & Contemplations — Volume I” and “Volume II.” The quotes books, what everybody likes about them is it ties the concepts from the first two books, “Mastering Yourself” and “3% Man,“ together to really help help you learn it.

I am 51 and have been married for 23 years. We have a 6-year-old. About 2 years ago, my wife started hanging out with new friends from work, and from photos that I saw, started hanging out with a particular guy. Two years ago, she said she wanted to perhaps have a trial separation. I did all the beta male things of pleading, trying to fix, doing more of the chores, buying flowers, etc.

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All of the cheesy stuff you see in the movies that just doesn’t work in the real world. So, it’s obvious his wife had lost attraction. But we have an integrity issue here as well. And so, it’s easy for us to be sitting there on the sidelines. I mean, the guy’s been married to her for 23 years. It’s not somebody he just started dating a few months ago. They’ve got a kid together, they live together. It’s easy for us to just say, kick her to the curb. You know, he’s spent more time with this woman than anybody in his life.

I personally wouldn’t put up with this. I would have dipped out a long time ago, but as a coach, you’ve got to help people get what it is they want, even if they’re hard headed and you think, bro, come on. But that’s what he wants.

She then said she needed space and kicked me out into my son’s bedroom.

Dude, you don’t get kicked out of the bed chambers of your castle. If your woman is not happy with you and she tells you, “go sleep in the other bedroom,” you’re like “No, this is my house, this is my kingdom. I pay the lion’s share of the bills around here. And if you’re not happy, if you’re telling me you don’t want to make the effort in our marriage and our relationship and you want some space, the bedroom is down the hall where you can go sleep. I’m not going anywhere.”

“If you want to work on our marriage and our relationship, you could stay here in the master’s chambers with me,” which apparently the woke idiots are trying to cancel “master suite” and “master bathroom,” which is ridiculousness, cultural Marxism. When you study the cultural Revolution in China, it just rolls through the culture and destroys the history.

If you erase the history, as you raise new generation of kids, they don’t have any connection to the past, because they don’t know about it. It’s been completely erased. And that’s how cultural Marxism works. Even though a lot of people on the left want to pretend that it’s not happening, it’s happening.

This didn’t last long, as I explained to her that we were married, so I belong next to my wife in bed.

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Well, she belongs next to her king in bed. And if she doesn’t want to sleep in the bed with her king, she can go to the guest room. And this is part of this guy’s issue is just being a beta male and putting his wife in charge of the relationship. And look where it’s gotten him, she’s cheated on him. She sends him down the hallway, and he just waddles down there and stays in the guest bedroom, like a good little boy. Don’t treat your wife or your girlfriend like your mommy. She won’t have any respect for you as a man. You’re supposed to be the leader and the head of the household.

She said she wanted to work on things and admitted to “kissing” another guy after doing cocaine.

Well, as Rick James said, “cocaine is a hell of a drug.” I’ve never done it, never tried it. I’ve had lots of friends and I’ve had girlfriends I dated that did that stuff. And I was like, “If you’re going to do that, I’m out.” I don’t I don’t mess with that stuff. I might have a little Bob Marley every now and then, a few cocktails, but I don’t touch any of that crap. It’s just not worth it. Especially these days with the fentanyl mixed in everything. It’s a bad way to go.

It’s too dangerous. It was dangerous back in the eighties. And what really did for me was when I was a kid growing up, there was a draft pick who was supposed to be another Michael Jordan. His name was Len Bias. And so to celebrate, he’s like, “Oh, I’m gonna do a line of cocaine. I just got this big contract. I’m the number one draft pick.” He did a line, heart stopped, boom! He was dead. I was like, wow.

And it turns out she did cocaine twice with her friends.

Well also, the other thing about cocaine is it makes women horny and it also makes them more willing to cheat. And a lot of women will give up the pusswa in order to get a few lines. That’s just the way it is. If you’re hanging out with people that are doing those kinds of things, and especially your girl, cheating typically happens.

About a year later, I found some photos of her on her iPhone account of her in lingerie that she did not send to me.

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Well, it just shows where you were on the totem pole. You were all the way at the bottom, because she put you there and you agreed to it. You put her in charge of your marriage and your relationship in the home. You made her the man. It’s a bad way to go.

We also went away for our anniversary, and just before having sex one night, she went into the bathroom in her lingerie with her phone, and after less than a minute, came back out. That got me a bit suspicious.

Yeah, she’s sending mirror selfies to somebody else. She’s about to have sex with you, and she sending lingerie pics to some other dude she’s thirsting after. That’s just emasculating.

I had a discussion with her about whether she is messaging other guys to see in a roundabout way if she has been messaging other guys. We had a huge argument, where she said she will go out with whomever she wants and message whomever she wants.

That’s what happens. You create a tyrant, you put a woman in charge of the relationship, and all I have to say is, she belongs to the streets! Go to the Coach Corey Wayne shop and get your mugs.

A few months later, my Spidey sense set in, as I saw a photo of her and that particular guy I mentioned earlier on her iPhone account, where she said she was going out with a couple of her girlfriends, but obviously was with him, out all night.

So, here she is lying and cheating. She belongs to the streets! If you want a woman who’s loyal and faithful, she ain’t it. This is how she’s going to treat you when she’s not happy, when you’re not being attractive. She’ll just go and sleep with somebody else. Loyalty, monogamy, exclusivity means nothing to her.

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And she had no problem looking you right in the eye and lying to your face. She didn’t care. As she said, she’ll go out with whomever she wants and message whomever she wants. That just shows a total lack of respect for her man and her marriage and her family. She doesn’t care. She doesn’t care about being disloyal. She’s not happy, so she went and got some strange.

I, therefore, went into her actual phone to see what is going on and found the lingerie photos, but it had been sent on Snapchat to another completely different guy.

Well, the one thing I would suggest, and you’re probably not going to like this, dude, is I would get a paternity test on your child, just to make sure your kid’s even yours. I’ve got a friend who some of his kids aren’t even his. So, that stuff will happen. You’ve got a woman that belongs to the streets and you stay with her, and you see, obviously, there’s more than one dude — and these are just the ones that you know about — I would want to know if the child is yours.

But if you live in a blue state, I don’t think it really will matter, even if you got divorced, because you’ll be on the hook for it, even if it’s not your child, because that’s the law. You guys that live in the blue states, you want to give power to people who basically want to run and regulate every single aspect of people’s lives. Stuff is unfair. That’s why all these people are flocking to Florida from New York, and California, and all these other states where the Marxists pretty much run everything, the collectivist ideas.

It’s not fair, but people are stupid. They don’t study history, and they don’t want to admit where this stuff leads, “But it wasn’t real socialism. Real socialism and communism has never been tried.” Well, what ends up happening is you end up concentrating power in a small group of elite, and then you’ve got a mafia elite running your country that you can’t get rid of, just like the Chinese Communist Party or the Russians. Or you’ve got the Marxists in Venezuela. It’s like, wherever they go, they destroy everything, and you get a mafia class that you can’t get rid of, because they disarm everybody.

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“We live in a civil society. It would never happen here, Corey.” Well, that’s why the Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment in the Constitution was because they said, who are the militia? This is from one of the Founding Fathers: “Who are the militia? The militia are, in fact, the people themselves and include all men capable of bearing arms.” So all men are supposed to be competent, safe and armed with pistol and rifle, because if you get called up for militia duty, you better be ready.

Think about all Ukrainians that we’re working in their nice little comfy office spaces, and now they’re fighting for their lives. It sure would have been nice if they knew how to handle a pistol and rifle and transition back and forth between that. But a lot of them are getting killed unnecessarily, because they were never prepared. It’s part of our duty as Americans. It doesn’t matter whether you agree with it. I’m sure people will be bitching and complaining about it, but it’s like, I don’t care. It’s in the Constitution for a reason.

Any of these idiots on the left that tell you, “You don’t need an assault weapon, you don’t need it. Nobody needs a 30-round magazine,” it’s like, you’re supposed to be ready for militia duty. That’s why it’s there. When you study the Founding Fathers and their words, that’s why it’s there. Anyway, I digress.

This is what happens when you have a lot of beta males running society. I mean, you get the fall of Rome, basically. Look what happened in Russia. And Mao killed 50 million Chinese, I think it was, 40–50 million. It’s like, “Well, you’re always harping on all the body count. The cities are really clean, though.” It’s like, yeah, they just take you to a field and put a 7.62 round in the back of your head. Unless of course they harvest your organs first. But yeah, let’s have more of that Communist control.

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She found out that I had gone into her phone and asked why I did that. I, therefore, asked her about the guy she went out with the evening before. On much probing, she confirmed this was the guy she “kissed.” I asked if they slept together, and she admitted they did in a bathroom at a bar after doing cocaine.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug. She belongs to the streets! I just want to remind you, these hoes ain’t loyal.

I asked her about the other guy that she sent the photos to, and she said that she didn’t think much of it, as he was in another state.

Obviously, she likes to keep her options open.

I asked her about the phone in the bathroom at our anniversary getaway, and she said that she sent that to her gay male best friend, i.e., captioned ‘sex goddess.’

The woman’s got a little touch of narcissism going on too, it seems like.

It turns out that she had been in regular communication with the guy she slept with, so it seems like more than a one-night fling.

Well, if you weren’t having sex with her, she was obviously having sex with him.

The day after that conversation, we went away to Bali, as it was previously booked. Since coming back, things have not been great. We went to a therapist together, and my wife was upset that I called her out on her behavior in the session.

Oh my God. I’m clutching my pearls! How dare you call her out on her hoodrat behavior.

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Now, she has kicked me out, into my son’s bedroom again. He now sleeps between the 2 bedrooms with either her or me.

Well, you should always be sleeping in the master suite, because you are the king of your kingdom. And if she’s not happy, she can go on down the hallway.

We’ve had no sex for around 5 months now, (although the sex hasn’t been great since going away for our anniversary last year), very little other physical, only a very rare kiss (not passionate) or hug.

Well, if you don’t date and court your wife, eventually somebody else will. And that’s obviously what happened here. You turned into a beta male, you were totally unattractive, and on top of that, you were married to a woman that had no integrity, because you made a bad choice, and she cheated on you. That’s just how women like this operate.

I had a girlfriend that was married for ten years, and she was unhappy and she’d been telling her husband for years to get his act together and stop sitting around smoking weed, and neglecting their business, and playing video games all day. And even the day before she finally left him, they had good sex in the shower. She didn’t cheat, she didn’t line up another dude. She left, because she had integrity. She valued loyalty, she valued monogamy. That’s the difference.

A woman that belongs to the streets is going to do what this girl is doing. You’re going to go do cocaine and hook up and whatever. A woman who has integrity, that has family values, she’s going to tell her husband, “This needs to change. I’m going to leave.” And after three or four years of that, eventually, she left.

Her mum just passed away over Christmas and New Year, so no discussions about ‘us’ has happened, as it is not time appropriate right now.

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Yeah. Again, that’s just more of her running the marriage. You put her in control, you put your balls in a box, and you gave them to her, and she just abused you.

She came into my son’s bedroom this morning and said that if I needed to have some sexual activity that she would understand if I did that with someone else, as long as there was no emotional connection, as she’s not sure when she will be ready.

It’s like she’s saying, “Hey, you’ve got the hall pass, babe.” If it was me in this situation, I’d be taking her up on that hall pass. I would say, “You know what? That’s a great idea.” That’s why you should date somebody younger and hotter than her. Because your sexual market value is going up, hers is going down.

This was a suggestion from her new therapist.

Oh, sounds like a swell therapist, very highly qualified.

I said I’m not that kind of person and said that I would only do that if we were formally separated.

Well, you haven’t had sex in five months, and you’re sleeping in your son’s room because you’re her bitch. I know it’s not nice, but somebody needs to shake the hell out of you, dude. You need to wake up, jeez.

I asked her if she was only asking me that as she was doing that herself, and she said no.

Sure. I’m sure she’s totally innocent. I’m sure if you went through her phone, you wouldn’t find anything inappropriate in there. She belongs to the streets!

I, at that point, said to her that I didn’t get married only to be living in separate rooms…

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Well, you’re still a bitch and you moved into your son’s room. You’re obviously the bitch in the relationship. Maybe you should get your wife a strap-on for Christmas. Then she can use it on you. If you really enjoy being emasculated, well, just take it a step further.

…and having no physical contact, etc., that I wanted a partnership, one that we lean on each other, think about each other, etc. She said she want ready for this discussion and left my room.

You mean, your son’s room.

I have gone through your audiobook around 7 times and have started to read it along with the book now.

Well, if you read the book seven times and you don’t change your behavior, it ain’t gonna help you, dude.

She spoke to me again later in the morning and asked if we are okay. I said, “I don’t know.”

“Are we okay?” It’s like, “Are we okay? You’ve been cheating on me. We haven’t had sex in five months, I’m sleeping in my son’s room, everything is just swell. This is a great marriage.”

In reference to her comment about having sex with someone else, she apologized and said it was just a suggestion from her therapist to ask me that question.

You could say, “Well, your therapist is kind of an idiot and probably incompetent.” And there’s a lot of them out there. I’ve dealt with a lot of clients over the years that are already in couples and marriage counseling. And a lot of times you get a female marriage therapist and she takes the side of the woman. Man, the stuff that people have shared with me. You need to vet your therapist very carefully, because there are a lot of incompetent idiots. And most of them will tell you, the reason they became a therapist was because they were so messed up themselves.

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She said it’s not fair to me that she is emotionally distant and “we are in this marriage,” so she was thinking outside the box, and her emotional distance is the reason why she has gone to this new therapist.

Well, it seems like this new therapist is just really good at her job.

I said thank you for letting me know. I then said that “One thing you need to know about men… real men… the number one important thing to us is loyalty and integrity, so asking a question about having sex with someone else came as a shock, as I’m not that kind of man, and it makes me wonder if that is what you are wanting.”

I’m going to give you a little newsflash, dude. It’s not only what she has been wanting, it’s what she has been doing. You are deluding yourself.

“I’m different than the guy you had sex with. I’m a 3% man, or maybe at least a 10% man.” (I probably shouldn’t have said that, Lol. I’ve just been listening to you every day for hours at a time, so I am taking on your phrasing.) “And so, I value loyalty and Integrity.”

Yeah, barfing words out that you heard in “3% Man,” that’s not going to help you, dude. Start to embody the principles and act like an attractive man. Go to the gym, hang out with your friends, get back into your hobbies, your interests. Go see your mom, go do some fun things with your life, get in shape. And if it was me, I’d be open to meeting new women. Because you can see, when she’s not happy, she’s going to cheat on you and feel zero remorse.

If you are doing everything the book teaches, you could probably attract her back and cause her, over time, to fall back in love with you. But as soon as you slip up, she’ll just lie to your face and cheat on you. And like I said, there are basically two types of women: women that operate from a place of loyalty and family, like my former girlfriend did with her ex husband, and women like this, ratchet hoes that belong to the streets. They don’t care about anybody except themselves, “I’ll go out with whomever I want.”

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“The guy you had sex with is obviously not a real man.”

It’s like, he doesn’t care.

“And I guarantee that he has slept with other guys’ partners.”

Sure, and eventually that guy will reap his karma. He’ll either get cheated on or he’ll screw the wrong woman and he’ll get a beat down he will never forget. Hopefully, it’s not a permanent beat down that he never gets up from, because that does happen. I mean, we do have a thing in South Florida called the Hialeah divorce. And a Hialeah divorce, that’s one of the reasons why I never watch the evening news. Because a couple of times a week, you’re hearing about somebody in Hialeah that went postal on their girlfriend, or their wife, and their girlfriend or wife’s boyfriend or side piece, if you will, and then takes himself out. Again, guys that do that, eventually they come across the wrong guy, and they’re jumping out of windows, or whatever, trying to get away. He’ll reap his karma. And I guess apparently this guy that she cheated with also was in a relationship, so he cheated on his partner.

“You probably weren’t the only one, as he has no integrity and no loyalty. He cheated on his partner.”

You know, liars and cheaters, people who like the same things tend to like each other. You’re married to a liar and cheater. She might, or more than likely, will be faithful if you’re applying everything that’s in the book. But as soon as you get soft and you put her back in charge, she’ll just go screw somebody else, unless she becomes fat and nasty and nobody wants a piece of that action anymore. But that’s where you’re at. If it was me, I would have dipped out a long time ago. And I’m sure you’ll see in the comments, people will be like, “Bro, come on, have some self respect.”

Thoughts about what to do?


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Well, you need to start embodying what’s in the book. Because not only will it make your wife feel attraction for you, other women will become attracted to you. And your wife has already given you the hall pass. And, what would help would be if you go, “You know, I’ve been thinking about it. We’re kind of already separated anyway. We’re sleeping in separate bedrooms. We haven’t had sex in five months. When I bring up our relationship and our family, you don’t want to talk about it, because it’s not a good time, because you’re so busy, you’ve got so many other important things to do. So, I’m not a priority, our son is not a priority.”

But hey, like I said, get yourself in shape. Get some tighter fitting clothes, once you do get in shape. And I would be open to meeting new women. It doesn’t mean you’re going to cheat, but it means you’re available. And then, make her sleep in your son’s room. I would just go ahead and sleep in the master suite. You’re paying for it anyway mostly, I assume. And if she complains about, I’d be like, “You can go sleep with our son. This is the master suite. This is where the king lives. This is where the king sleeps, and his queen sleeps here. And if his queen is not happy, she can go on down the hall. And if she doesn’t like that, she can go stay at the Motel 6. I don’t care.”

“If we’re going to live together, you’re going to sleep in my bed. And if you don’t want to sleep in my bed, then I’ll get somebody else that does want to sleep in it.” I mean, that’s the attitude you should have. And when she feels you pulling away, when she feels you no longer giving attention… I mean, because you’re basically roommates at this point. So, if you want to reconnect with her… I mean, if it was me, I just can’t imagine putting up with this stuff.

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But you’ve got to do the things that are in the book. You’re going to have to date and court her. If she doesn’t want to go out with you, then go spend your time with people that do want to hang out with you. And when she sees you move on with your life, and having fun, and wondering what you’re doing, or where you’re at, or who you are with, you take your time to respond to her texts or her phone calls, her attitude will start changing. But it’s like, at some point, you’ve got to take your balls back, dude. It’s like, come on, have some self respect. Because again, reading the book, but just doing the opposite and not changing your behavior, that’s not even a marriage. You’re kind of roommates with a nasty roommate who’s disrespectful towards you.

Second Viewer’s Email:

Hi Corey

I thought, it is time to write another positive story. My wife and I live your book, we breathe it, and we have lived by it every day of our lives. We see, again and again, that we are something special. Many people see that too, and we are proud of that.

Well, that’s the whole point, is that you and your wife become a beacon of light in your community, where you show them how it’s done, and then they’ll come to you for advice. They’ll want to emulate your example. And then when you see BS like our previous emailer, you’ll light those people up and tell them exactly what’s going on, and hopefully they’ll leave those unhappy, abusive, toxic relationships.

I have learned and changed a lot since I met my wife on January 30, 2016.

Photo by iStock/Sanja Radin

So, we are basically 11 days away from the 7-year anniversary of their meeting and the beginning of their love story.

My wife keeps telling me how proud she is of me for doing my job properly as a 3% man.

Well, make his dick hard, not his life. And she obviously does that.

Especially after my wife lost her parents, I was there for her 100% and did my job. It wasn’t always easy, but thanks to your book we always got through these ups and downs together. After the death of my father-in-law, I quickly realized that my wife had changed. She needed the rock in the ocean even more.

And I remember from previous emails, it’s like her father was her world, he was her rock. And when she lost him, it was soul crushing to her. But luckily, she’s married to a 3% man who belongs to the 3% Club, and he handled things. He continues to handle things.

I am very happy to give her this rock, because I know how important it has become to her. The fact that her mother died too, unfortunately, could not be changed. After all these years, I like to use your book again and again, and it is wonderful to see that everything that is in it also works.

Yeah, even if you think I’m full of shit, if you apply what I teach, you will see that it works for you. Don’t try to apply the book to a woman that belongs to the streets and think you’re going to change your character. Like the woman above that’s in the previous email, if she’s happy and in love, she’ll probably be faithful. But when she’s unhappy, she feels zero remorse for lying to your face and then going on and having some dude blow a pearl necklace all over her face. That’s terrible, I know. I’m a terrible human being.

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You can rely on what you write, and it’s amazing how many men have doubts and complexes to just take it in their hands and say, “It’s now or never, I’ve had enough of this shit”. But it doesn’t happen.

I mean, look at the guy above. After all the abuse he’s endured and he’s like, “How do I make it work, Corey?” Well, you’ve got to actually apply what’s in the book, not just, like a beat down dog, go to your son’s room and stay there, hoping and waiting for your wife to give you some attention. If she’s not willing to give you the attention, go get it from where you want.

Their therapist already said, hey, you’ve got a green light for the hall pass. Take her up on that, because the reality is you can date women 20, 25 years younger than you, easily, if you’re fit and in shape, bro. And I assume she’s probably closer to your age. You’ve been together for 23 years. And that’s one thing that women are very afraid of is younger, more beautiful women stealing their man.

There are grown men who act like lost boys when they see a female woman. I find that extremely interesting to look at. When I go out with my wife and do my job as a 3% man, my wife is surrounded by guys trying to do everything they can to get her attention, and my wife just grins and says, “Guys grow up. There is my sexy husband.” And I then see astonished looks along the lines of, “How can this guy get such a woman?” The answer to this question is obvious to us 3% men.

I mean, look at me. Do I look like some stud with the ladies? I’m just an average dude, but I know the differences that make the difference.

It always amuses me though that men get rebuffed before they even open their mouths, because a woman is already yelling “go away” from her body language. I think a lot of these problems are due to broken relationships. Fathers who don’t take responsibility and mothers who say, “My ex was an asshole, and I’ll never raise my son like that.”

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So, they turn them into really nice boys who just get walked all over. And then that gets reconfirmed in the movie and the TV programs, “Toxic masculinity is a real issue.” James Cameron was saying, “Oh, we’ve got to get rid of masculinity altogether. We shouldn’t have it.” Like, what a bitch.

And then later, you have these soft boys that look for mommy’s approval.

Which is kind of like how the first emailer is. He’s just he’s treating her like his mommy, “Mommy, can I sleep in the bed with you?”

So, we have rows and rows of these lost boys who just don’t have an identity of their own. But there are also no real father role models. And then you read in the newspaper that this damned Marxism is on the rise, that everyone should be equal.

Well, nobody’s equal. We’re not equal to who we were yesterday or the week before. Some days you have good days, you have bad days. It’s an absurd thing that Marxism is always tried to do. “We’re all equal here.” It’s like, no, we’re not. Some people are high achievers. Most people are mediocre to lower achievers. That’s just the way it is.

Marxism and socialism is never going to make anybody equal. It’s just a death cult, and it ends in genocide every single time. I saw a stat the other day that since Maduro and took power, I think it was since 2016, something like 8 million Venezuelans have left the country. And the country was only like 30-something million people. So, it’s like a third of the people have left. People with money, people with education, people that are smart, they hauled ass.

I mean, Chunky, who you guys all know and love from our videos, he’s Venezuelan. His father came here when he was, I think, 12. And his father was an ambassador to the United States from Venezuela. So, he was in the old government before the Marxists took over. And then when they went on their mass murdering spree, fortunately, they were able to get the hell out and save their lives. They came like a hair’s breadth of not even being here, because they were trying to murder Chunky’s grandfather. But he got away, and he brought the family here to the States. And I’m pretty grateful for that, because his dad’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

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You see skirts for men and guys who paint their fingernails. In Germany, there is now Always Ultra for men. Dude, where is this going?

That’s what Marxism does. It just wrecks everything. It wrecks the family because the Marxist and the Communists want the children to be raised by the state or “the community.” “It takes a village to raise the children.” Most parents want to raise their own kids the way they want. Yeah, there’s bad parents, and there are times when the state needs to intervene.

But the Marxists, like Patrisse Cullors, one of the founders of Black Lives Matter, she believes that. She wants the state raising everybody’s kids, because she’s bought the commie hippie nonsense of Marxism that, “We’ll live in a utopia if the state raises your kids. And everybody will be the same, and there’ll be no more racism, and classism, and ageism,” and all this other nonsense. But all that it ends up in, if you just look at wherever it’s been tried — it’s been tried in over 100 countries at this point, six different continents — it ends in genocide and destruction, every single time.

When you have a 30 year population leaving your country, you’re not winning. And the reality is people will hate on the United States, but there’s more people trying to get in the United States than all their countries combined around the world. So, we’re still the best bad idea, the best bad form of government that’s ever been tried in history.

Because of this, and precisely because of this, my wife and I do it differently, set a good example.

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Well, “a leader leads by example, not by force,” as Sun Tzu said.

There are still good examples, and thanks to your book we are one of them.

Well, here’s to you guys. Here’s to the 3% Club that you guys are great members of.

On June 11th, 2023 we will be together for 7 years and there will be many more great years to come.

Thank you for your work, and greetings from Germany,


Deutschland! Prost!

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