How To Make Women Chase You

How to make women chase you so you can have easy and effortless relationships, and which women you should avoid because they will never chase.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss an email success story from a formally skeptical viewer who originally thought that what I teach does not work. I recently discussed a previous email of his in my video coaching newsletter titled, “Choosing The Wrong Person,” and he has made a dramatic turnaround in just a few weeks.

He shares a success story about a woman he recently met in a restaurant when he was with some friends. He shares what he did and said to pick her up, date and seduce her with minimal effort on his part over the course of their first four dates. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the body of his email.

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Hi Coach!

I would put a title on this email as: “From “Your method did not work” to “Your method works great, just like you said in the book.” After reading your book 4 times now and practicing it in the real world, I am confident enough to tell your viewers that your book is amazing!

I met a gal at a restaurant who was our server. We were watching a game, and I could feel she was into me, because she kept asking me if I wanted more beer!

She was kind of lingering, smiling a little more than she normally would and asking if you wanted another beer, even though you really didn’t need more beer. She was coming up with reasons to interact and talk with you. This is how women go out of their way to get a man’s attention wen they like them. They tend to linger around.

If they put themselves into your orbit like that, that’s usually as far as most women will go, unless you’re at a party or social event. They’ll get closer and closer, and hopefully you’ll know what to do with that interest. Most guys can’t read the signs, but you read the book four times, and you saw, and correctly pointed out, that she was into you.

However, I didn’t do anything until the end of the game.

You were just there having a good time, acting like, “Of course this girl’s into me, because this happens everywhere I fucking go.” When that’s your reality, you’re not in a rush. You’re more in the mindset of “Is this girl good for me? Is she cool? Let’s see how it goes. I’m going to take my time.” Most girls will jump all over that and try to engage in conversation. But if you’re abundant and you have lots of choices, you’re not going to be in such a rush to jump all over the first pretty girl that bats her eyelashes at you.

I opened a short conversation with her, and I asked for her Instagram account name. I followed her right there, and without waiting for her to follow back or anything, I just left.

That’s a very simple, low-risk way to use social media. You follow her, and she follows you. Quite frankly, it’s a lot easier to block somebody on social media than it is when you give out your phone number.

She followed back after her work on the same day, and just a day after, she posted a story on Instagram of her drink at a bar. I replied, “I want that so bad,” and she replied, “Then come and get one!”

That’s pretty obvious. She’s making it easy for you, because she likes you. These are the kinds of women that will chase you. They’re getting bombarded with guys they have no interest in, but here she is reaching out to you to come meet up with her.

I went to the bar with her, she introduced me to her co-worker, and I took her to another place after that to speed up my dating progress, just like you said in the book.

You took her to multiple locations, which, as I talk about in the book, gives the impression psychologically that she’s been out with you a bunch of times to a bunch of different places. It makes her feel safe and comfortable with you, and it speeds up the seduction process. As I say in the book, most women are going to sleep with the average guy by the third or fourth date.

We made out all night, and I didn’t set up any future dates when we said goodbye. I didn’t text or call, because I was sure, just like you said, “she will contact you if she likes you.”

That’s true, but it doesn’t mean you go out on a date, then never call the girl and she’s going to take it from there. Some women take longer. The idea is, you want to create the conditions, just gently push it over the hill, and the momentum will take it down the rest of the way. From the chasing perspective, she’s starting to initiate calls and texting. She’s reaching out to you when you’re not waiting to hear back from her. Now she’s creating a new opportunity, in other words, putting herself into your orbit once again.

Usually the third or fourth week is when the average woman starts chasing. Some will do it right after the first date, and some will do it when you first meet. With those women, you really don’t even have to pursue. The fallback is once a week if you don’t hear from her, but when a woman starts chasing you, she really likes you and you’re doing everything right, she’s going to do it more and more, because she likes you, she values you and she chose you.

She texted a day after saying, “I really had a good time and thank you,” which means you did a good job, and I am willing to go out with you AGAIN!

You are correct, and that’s when you make the next date. She’s initiating it, it’s her idea to get together, and you’re going to assume that she wants to see you, because she reached out. They put themselves into your orbit, but they don’t want to be the aggressor and ask you out. Some women will, but most will not.

I set up another date night at my place. We had an amazing, fun time and foreplay, but she said, “You are very cute, but I don’t do sleepovers. I just need to know you a little more,” and we didn’t have sex that night.

In other words, “I’m not quite there yet, but I’m really thinking about fucking you. I just want to make sure you’re not a lunatic.” Remember, women have got to feel safe and comfortable.

I took her to another place a couple of days after, our 4th date. Note: Every time she reached out, I set up a date, and when she was blowing up my phone in between dates, I was replying very short to make her want me more.

Well, the key is not to be a cold dick, but charming, playful, get to the point and you’ve got to get back to what you’re doing. A big mistake a lot of guys make because they don’t know better is, they get into texting and chit-chatting all fucking day long. If this goes on for four or five days, and then you go to ask her out on the weekend, she may tell you she’s busy and it’s a bad weekend.

That’s why the phone is for setting dates, because if you teach her from the beginning that you’re going to all day, 24/7 be available to chit-chat, you’re going to spend more time chit-chatting on the phone than you are in person seducing her. The reality is, when you meet a girl, you want to be with her in person, not talking over a fucking digital device. If you keep doing that, you’ll end up fixing her clogged toilet, putting new battery in her car or changing her tire, but you’ll never get anywhere close to the punani.

On the 4th date, she was very playful, and I told her lets go to a hotel, because I want to have more fun with you. She said no, and I was like, Coach said she will sleep with you on the 4th date if you do everything right! What’s going on?

What’s happening here? When you tell a girl, hey let’s go get a hotel room, you’re basically saying, “Hey let’s go fuck now.” That’s how she’ll take it. You were offering her what we call in sales the trial close. In other words, how open is she in this present moment to going to a hotel? But she says, no way.

The average guy wonders, “What’s the matter? I thought you really liked me. You were all over me.” He’s going to get mad and upset, and that’s going to cause her to feel unsafe, uncomfortable, and it’ going to cause the woman to go, “I’m glad I said no to going to the hotel with you, because you’re a fucking fruit loop.” It actually destroys the intimacy and causes her to back away.

I asked her “What’s up? Are you following the two-weeks rule or something like that to sleep with me?”

You were like, “What, are you following some kind of rules?” in a playful way. What does that communicate? You’re not attached. You could take it or leave it.

With a big smile… guess what? She said, “Okay! I am on my period, and we can do whatever you want in two more days!”

Great job on handling the objection. Oftentimes, a denial really means a slight delay. In this case, she was on her period. You didn’t let it get under your skin. This is a pretty great turnaround in a short time for you.

Coach, she booked a hotel as we agreed on the day before for that date, and she paid for it.

This is a girl who really, really likes you.

She called me saying which hotel and room number she in, and I just showed up with a bottle of wine. This is just a two-week dating progress by following all of your rules.

We had sex all day and all night. I have also used the good quality questions in your book during sex, which made her have multiple orgasms all night.

In other words, tell me what you like. Tell me where you want me to kiss you. How hard do you want me to suck? How hard do you want me to push? Get her to guide you, and she’ll help you get her off.

It is funny, I asked her past sex experience, just to know her more,

No, don’t do that dude. You’re playing with fire. It’s none of your business. Leave it be, because it just never ends well,

and she told me before she counted her orgasms with her ex-boyfriend, and when I asked her “Okay, how many times you had tonight?” She said “I cant believe it, I don’t know! It was a lot. So much that I couldn’t count anymore!”

Dude, you’re a fucking stud.

She is calling me every day, and in just two weeks, we saw each other 2–3 times a week.

Two fucking weeks, and now you’re together 2–3 times a week, all because it’s her idea, and she’s chasing you. She obviously really liked you, but you did the right things to facilitate her chasing.

You are the best coach and mentor of my life. Thank you for being Coach Corey Wayne!

Well, thanks for being a great student and being coachable. That’s the important thing. You took the constructive feedback in the first video I did for you, and you didn’t get fucking butthurt. You were just like, “What do I need to do, and I’ll do it.” You did it, and you did her.

I also have a question that nobody asked you on YouTube videos before:
She wants to be exclusive, but I want to still hang out with her until I fall in love with her.

Great, then tell her that. Say, “I really like you a lot, but I want to wait until I fall in love with you before we become exclusive.” If that’s your truth, you’ve got to speak it. There is a potential chance she gets pissed off and says, “Well, that’s not good enough. If we’re going to have sex, you can’t be sleeping with anybody else.” Again, you’ve got to live your truth bro. She’ll respect you more if you do what you want and you say what you want.

I don’t like jumping into relationships fast. If she brings it up, which she will, how do I respond to her without scaring her into thinking I want a fuck body and I don’t want to be her boyfriend at all? Can I say, ask me that question again after couple of weeks?

Just say, “It’s only been a couple of weeks. I just want to take my time to get to know you, and I’m just not ready yet. Let’s take it slow. I really want to get to know you.” You’ve got to speak your truth and stand up for yourself. You can’t commit to being in a relationship when you don’t want it, because you’re going to fucking resent it later.

The reality is, women are pretty fucking intuitive. They’re going to know you’re full of shit and you don’t really mean it. Speak your truth, even if it means she doesn’t want to date you anymore. That’s a risk as well, but if you’re giving her the best orgasm she’s ever had, if you keep doing the right thing, she’s going to be all over your ass.



“Human beings tend to more highly value what they have to work for versus that which is given freely and abundantly. Scarcity creates value. Being different, mysterious, self-assured and willing to take risks makes you stand out amongst the crowd of average Joes. When it comes to dating, attraction and seduction, women will work harder for and chase men who are mysterious, charming, unpredictable and fun loving. Men who exhibit these qualities are coveted, chased, cherished and competed for by women who normally never act this way towards regular average guys.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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