From Feeling Like Hell To Happiness

How you can go from feeling like your life is a living hell to feeling happiness, certainty and being optimistic about your future after a bad breakup.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss two email success stories from two different viewers. The first email is from a viewer who details how my work helped him to get over getting dumped unexpectedly after his girlfriend of 3 years who he was about to propose to told him she was no longer in love with him. On top of that, she went back to her ex-boyfriend, got pregnant and married him all within thirty days of their breakup. He also details how he found and successfully attracted an even better girlfriend within six months of his breakup.

The second email success story is an update from a previous newsletter titled, “Counter-Intuitive Dating Magic.” He details how his ex contacted him right after his new girlfriend had just told him she was in love with him, exactly two months after meeting her, and how satisfying it was to blow off his ex. Two inspiring success stories of personal redemption, and how anyone can successfully get over a breakup and find someone new and better than their ex. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the bodies of their emails.

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First Viewer’s Email:

Hey Coach,

I just wanted to share a success story I think will inspire hope in your followers that may be at their lowest point. I’ve watched countless videos of yours and am on my 4th read of your book — getting there.

Like a lot of your clients/followers, I found you after I was blindsided by the girl I was dating for almost 3 years. We are in our very early twenties and had a very smooth, yet not very intimate relationship.

In other words, the sex wasn’t all there. If you’ve dated and slept with enough women, you realize some women are really great in bed, and some totally suck, have no body awareness, no sensory acuity and there’s not a lot you can do with that.

I was awestruck by her beauty,

In other words, you treated her like a celebrity, because that’s what every guy wants, the beautiful, gorgeous woman that you’re proud to walk around with on your arm and show off to everybody,

and she was my best friend during our time together. We lived together, and I was planning on asking her family, who fucking loved me because I’m awesome, if I could propose to her in the new year.

You were planning out your life together.

Long story short, she made herself distant from me and one day told me she was no longer in love with me. I walked away, and a week later I found out she was dating her ex boyfriend, who is a 97% super asshole, from high school.

Well, it sounds like they deserve each other. Obviously, if a week later she was dating her ex-boyfriend, what was really going on was this woman was talking to the ex-boyfriend before she broke up with you. In other words, she realized she wasn’t feeling what she used to feel, and instead of talking, communicating and working things out, it goes right back to heating up leftovers with the ex-boyfriend.

The girl did you a favor. This is the kind of woman that would cheat on you when you were married. Imagine you have a couple of kids, and you find out she’s cheating on you, then you’d be wondering, are all of these kids mine? You don’t want to be that guy.

A month later, I found out she was pregnant with him and MARRIED!

She was obviously planning that. She was screwing around behind your back. You dodged a bullet dude. This relationship didn’t serve you, and that’s why it fucking dissolved.

This left me alone in a new city with no friends. I experienced serious depression and a terrible weight loss compounded by excessive drinking.

With your coaching I got back out there, became a beast in the gym, cleaned up my act, made new friends, and 6 months later I have met a girl, after a few prospects didn’t blow me away, that is amazing. This would not have happened without your help, making me realize I’m a catch and my ex is the one who lost out.

Like I said before, she did you a favor. Obviously, she lined that other guy up behind your back.

Even through me being in a car accident and then requiring surgery from a separate incident, nothing has knocked me off my center, and the new woman notices.

By not being attached to the outcome, not pressuring her into any labels, speaking 2–3 times a week to set dates and going out on 1–2 amazing dates a week, we’ve been successfully ‘Hanging Out, Having Fun and Hooking Up,’ allowing things to develop slowly to the point where SHE’S asking ME to come over and cook dinner together.

Remember, love is allowing, it’s not force. Love is freedom. Obviously, you did a really great job of applying what you learned from my book and videos.

If a woman is chasing you and pursuing you like this like all normal, healthy women do, because that’s an aspect of feminine energy, you don’t have to worry about getting dumped and rejected. Obviously, you need to date and court a woman properly. When you do, she’s going to be all over you like white on rice.

Think about what that does for your confidence. You don’t feel fearful, you don’t feel worried about losing her, and you never wonder where you stand with her. You look at and read her actions according to the attraction table that’s in my book. The title of that chapter is, “It’s All In The Numbers.”

And so far, it seems neither of us are rushing to lock one another down. Just enjoying the moment. Oh, by the way, the sex is miles better than what I had the last 3 years.

Like I always say, you either get the ex back, or you get somebody better.

I have a long way to go, but I wanted to share the complete turn around I’ve experienced since my last emails to you. I still think about my ex, but more in a way of how it’s such a shame she’s now stuck with a bad guy.

She got what she fucking deserved. That’s karma baby.

Oh well. I went from getting sick from anxiety every morning to enjoying my life every single day. You’re the man and help people more than you know!



(Well, I appreciate that dude. Thanks for being awesome, because now you and your girl are a great example to everybody in your lives. Now you can influence them, because they see how awesome the two of you are together.)

Second Viewer’s Update From “Counter-Intuitive Dating Magic”:

Hi Corey,

I’m the guy from the text exchange near the end of this video. This is a quick update for everyone. Hope you read this Corey.

She reached out about a week after this text exchange, and tried to get me to go along with her friends agenda again.

Remember, the strongest negotiating position is being able to walk away and mean it. When somebody offers you terms that are not to your liking and what you want, you have to walk away, because to stick around and put up with something that’s not what you want is a violation of your self and your dignity. It causes the other person to not respect you, because she’s going to know that you’re basically being a bitch.

In other words, you’re being a pleaser. You’re being something you’re not in order to hopefully get what you want down the road. When you value yourself, you love yourself, you respect yourself and you know what you bring to the table, you’re like, this ain’t working for me.

The only reason a woman really wants to stick a guy in friends zone when she’s dumped him is to be a back up, so she can bounce back to him if things don’t work out with the new guy.

I politely refused and walked away. Again. She started dating someone else shortly after, then ended up in a serious relationship with him, until that ended about a month and a half ago. She then started contacting me again. At this point, I wasn’t interested at all, as she still has issues, and I can and have done better.

Remember, you either get the ex back or you get someone better. In every thing you did, you acted like a guy who knew his worth. You weren’t going to wait around, and you weren’t okay with being in friends zone or being her fucking backup plan. You decided to find somebody who valued what you had to offer. And it’s really sweet and satisfying when that ex calls you, and you’re with somebody new.

I’m dating someone new, and she has just fallen in love with me, took two months like Corey says. She is great. What people need to understand about getting an ex back, is that the ex back principles Corey teaches don’t guarantee getting her back,

He’s referring to my article and video, “7 Principle To Get An Ex Back”,

they just give us the best possible chance. But, they do guarantee that we regain our internal strength and self-respect, as well as the respect of others, including our ex’s.

Yeah, because if you’re willing to walk away and let it go, at least she’ll respect you for that. But sitting around, hoping things are going to change by being stuck in friends zone, that’ a fucking bitch move.

After you’re over it, you look back and think to yourself “I’m so glad I handled it like a man and didn’t act like a pussy,” Lol. As a result, you develop more confidence, internal strength, and you end up attracting someone even better.

I know I’ll never get dumped again unless she is a fruit loop, because I know the fundamentals so well I can teach them, and I have. I’ve helped my brother get his ex back, and one of my friends save his relationship.

Dude, that’s fucking awesome. That’s what I want. I want people to learn this stuff and master it, so they can help everybody in their community where they live, and be a mentor and a coach themselves. It makes all of us better, it makes society better, and it makes the world a better place.

I then directed them both to Corey’s work, and they bought his book.

Well, the highest compliment you can give is to refer your friends and family to my work. I definitely appreciate that.

Thanks Corey. Stay strong people.


“Everything that no longer serves us tends to become unstable and dissolve. Careers, jobs, businesses, partnerships, friendships and relationships never stay the same. Life is change. Perpetual happiness is the result of assigning positive and empowering meanings to the circumstances and events of our lives. As we become better, we attract better. Choose to embrace an uncertain future with hope, optimism and a focus on what you want to create. With enough time, patience, action and self-love, everything that you perceive to be missing from your life will eventually manifest and often exceed your expectations.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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