Being Alpha

Why being alpha is not about being obnoxious, loud and showing off, but about being centered in your masculinity, inner strength and being courageous.

In this video coaching newsletter, I discuss two email success stories. The first email is a success story from a Soldier who shares how my work helped him to attract his latest girlfriend, even though he violated some of the principles I teach in my book, How To Be A 3% Man. He also details the positive impact it’s had on several of his Brothers In Arms who were really struggling with divorce, depression and always being “too nice” and getting rejected by women.

The second email success story is from a guy who is dating a woman who is totally out of his league. He shares some of the amazing compliments she has given him about being an alpha male without being obnoxious, loud and showing off, but just being a real man who makes her feel safe and comfortable. He also shares how he satisfies her in the bedroom and gives her multiple orgasms by being in control, as I teach in my book. My comments are in bold italics like this below in the bodies of their emails.

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First Viewer’s Email:

Hey Coach!

I would ask how you’re doing, but I already know you’re fucking awesome! I’ve been following your work for 8 months now, and I’m learning so much from you! It was so important that I passed it to a couple of my fellow soldiers.

Thank you and your brothers for your service. I really appreciate you guys, and I appreciate the fact you are learning and applying my book.

One just went through a divorce, and the other suffers from depression and constant negative thoughts. After hearing me sing your praises, they finally bought your book, and I can see a total difference in them.

The one that suffers from cyclical depression and has a low self image is finally carrying himself like the confident alpha-male that I know is buried deep down.

That is fucking awesome. It’s his birthright. It’s his natural state anyway. When you apply what’s in the book, it just comes out naturally.

Everyone at the office could tell a difference, and they started treating him with the respect he demands. He’s still working through your book, but just seeing this spirit of optimism he didn’t have before is an amazing gift in itself. He’s filtering out the negative he used to drown in.

My other brother in arms, who just had a divorce, has started following your work, and he is doing amazing! He’s always come off as the male gay best friend to women, but now he’s learning to assert himself and create opportunities for sex to happen. I’m proud of him!

I’m proud of him too. I’m proud of all you guys.

As for how you’ve helped me, I’m re-reading your book, because I like most guys only paid attention to the pickup side of your book when I read it.

A lot of guys do that. They start getting laid and hooking up, and think they don’t need the relationship stuff.

Now that I’m dating a beautiful girl who has all of the attributes I’ve wanted in a partner, I’m re-reading the relationship aspect and doing the best I can to stay centered and be that mountain.

How I made it happen, I was direct, decisive, made a date. She denied at first, but she then counter-offered my beach proposal to a lake date with her friends. At first I said I didn’t want to impose on her and her friends, but when she said it was her girl friend and that girl’s dad, who’s very successful, I ended up going.

You went and did a group date, which I don’t suggest, but at the end of the day, everything that’s in the book isn’t meant to be totally etched in stone. It’s a principle. It’s a way of living and being and showing up as a man. You can get away with violating some of the principles. It’s all about displaying strength or weakness. I personally wouldn’t have done it, but it worked out for the best. The idea is to do more things right than wrong, not to become an anal-retentive jackass or a robot.

I kept everything lighthearted and kept up with conversation with the successful father, which she totally found hot. I let her, like a cat, stroll around the sand bar party, but of course me staying centered and not following her around like a puppy, she came back to me.

That was her little way of testing you to see how you would react, how you would interact with people who are close to her and she really cares about. She was using them to potentially be a cock blocker to you or weed you out if you were a nut. But obviously, she liked you, and you’re together at this point.

We ended the night with passionate sex. All possible because of you.

Thank you so much for your work!


You knew enough and did a great job of creating rapport with the girl’s father that was there, and you didn’t follow the girl you liked around like a little puppy. You were just there to enjoy yourself, because you knew you were the gift and the prize. And since women are like cats, they always come back if they like you and the interest is there.

Second Viewer’s Email:

Hey Corey,

I wanted to share what has happened for me as a result of following your advice and studying your work. I recently started dating an unbelievably drop dead gorgeous woman. The kind of woman you say is possible to date if we just follow your work and apply the principles you teach.

Well, just think about how much more fun it is when you’re with somebody that knocks your socks off in every way, versus somebody that’s just ehh.

I’ve read your book and listened to it on audible a total of 12 times and will continue to do that along with watching your numerous videos.

The idea is, the book is the fundamentals, the training or coaching manual, and these videos are to help you fine-tune your approach and supplement the information that’s in the book.

I did email you a little over a year ago relaying some positive things that happened to me at a bar one night by using alpha body posture you teach,

I discuss this in my article and video, “Body Language That Attracts Women,”

and had a few hotties that night smiling at me and one 1/2 my age smacking my butt as she passed.

So now this beautiful woman I started dating, who is totally out of my league, says to me, “I used to think Alpha was a term for guys who were acting all macho and being loud and obnoxious and showing off, but I think you’re an alpha male and you don’t act that way at all. You’re an alpha, but you don’t even try to be one, you just are.

That’s a fucking great compliment dude. In other words, “You act like a real fucking man, and I don’t see those very often.” You’re a fucking unicorn. You became a unicorn with the ladies by simply applying what was in the book.

I feel very… protected… when I’m with you.” Corey! I love it. She says “you don’t even try,” and we both know it takes a lot of practice and work!!

For her, it’s easy and effortless, but obviously she doesn’t know about all the time you put into it. As the old saying goes, it took me ten years to become an overnight success. Nobody sees the work, the failures and the rejections that go into that.

Then she adds, “You’re so easy to be with. I think what we have is amazing,” and “You challenge me. You’re not boring, you’re intellectual, and so am I. I like that.”

People who like the same things tend to like each other.

Of course after sex recently she mentioned, “OMG that was amazing. I came 5 times.” But hey Corey, who’s counting?! And just when you thought you would get no credit for that happening, you actually did teach through a personal experience you had with a girlfriend,

Yes, I did write about that in my book. And I think David Deida talked about that in his book, “The Way of The Superior Man,”

that she would have one orgasm and tell you, “okay now it’s your turn,”

It’s all about your strength. You’re going to come when you fucking feel like it, when you’re ready. In other words, she will feel your strength, literally,

and you just ignored that request and showed her who’s in control. And what better way to show her who’s in control of things than to make her come over and over?!

When you’re great in bed with the ladies, they never forget that, even long after you’re no longer together.

Thanks for being such a great life coach Corey, and dedicating your life to helping others, not to mention giving your advice via videos and books for free. None of the success I’ve had would be possible without your influence. I had no idea what a pathetic beta male I had been for so many years! Jesus Christ I was a pussy!! I’ve turned it around in a big way. You rock bro!

Best regards,


Dude, you fucking rock. Look at you. You’re having a great time, you’re hanging out with a great, super-hot chick that you like, who’s out of your league. I mean, that’s your birthright. I know you think she’s out of your league, or you say that, but the reality is, it’s supposed to be that way, because if you weren’t that into her, she could feel it. And if she could feel it, it would come right back to you, because women match and mirror right back to you how you’re showing up.

“Being alpha means taking personal responsibility for your own life, actions and outcomes. Your success or failure depends 100% upon what you do or fail to do. Only weak people blame others for their own failures, shortcomings or lack of success. Alphas look at failure as simply a necessary learning experience and stepping-stone on the path to ultimate victory and success. Betas play the victim, blame others and convince themselves that life is a game of luck and chance. Alphas make their own luck. The moment you blame anyone or anything outside of yourself for the circumstances of your life is the moment you give away your power and ability to shape and change your destiny. Everyone has setbacks, traumas, failures and unexpected circumstances. Alphas use everything that happens to them in life, good and bad, as a life lesson, opportunity for growth and tool to improve themselves.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

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